Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why oh why must Christmas pictures be such torture?

Every year I try to save a little by taking our own Christmas card photo of the kids, and every year I wonder whether it is worth the headache. This morning Anna's school started two hours late due to the big winter storm that plowed through the Midwest, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity for a photo session. I spent 20 minutes getting them ready and 20 minutes taking pictures, only to find that none of the pictures saved, I think because the camera card was full (although in the past it has given a little signal when the card is full) -- ugh! By the time I figured this out, Anna was at school, so I figured we'd have to try again tomorrow. Turns out, the boiler at Anna's school broke, leaving them without heat, so I had the camera all ready when she returned home. The kids were not happy to have to sit through that again, and it showed in the pictures (oh, who am I kidding. . . the first set probably wasn't much better!). And now Anna is mad at me because she doesn't like the picture I chose. But it really was the best of the bunch. So she's either going to have live with it or sit through another photo session tomorrow. What do you think? Keep trying?


Oh, and this is only my second real digital scrapbooking project (last year's card was the first), so I'm not real sure what the protocol is, but I think I'm supposed to give credit to the designers whose products I used. I used the free kits, Seasonal Sampler and Holiday Magic, found at ShabbyPrincess, and the "joy" letters came from Katie Pertiet's Polar Escape Kit at Designer Digitals.

Update: LOL, Anna decided she didn't hate the picture enough to go through another sitting. Your sweet comments also helped! Since I can't send you each a card, I will keep our card at the top of the blog for December -- Merry Christmas!


  1. You designed the card?! You did a lovely job, Kellie!

    I have given up for now trying to get my crew to take a picture all together. I took individual shots of them. The sad thing is ~ I ended up doing the same thing last year, too!

  2. I think your card and picture is beautiful. I haven't taken our Christmas picture yet b/c we haven't had time. I'm thinking ours will be a New Year's card.

  3. I should have said, "your card and picture are beautiful". Wow! I'm tired today! :)

  4. It is actually quite a nice photo - all eyes in the right place, very balanced heads, and smiles! And the design is beautiful too! I remember last year's photos cuz I think that's when I found your blog - sheesh, time flies!
    I don't even try to get our own photo - can't get Lucas to smile, ever. We do all six of us and it's like a circus of dancing, singing, photographers - lol!