Friday, December 5, 2008

I Photoshopped...again!

After making my kids shiver in the cold through 34 attempts to get the perfect Christmas photo, I went back to the "drawing board" and played around some more. So here's take two:

I would love to know if there's a way to change the color of Grace's sweater to match the others. By the way, I'll give you some behind-the-scenes scoop. I was having trouble finding coordinating clothes, so Grace wore Anna's sweater, Anna wore my sweater (the shoulder seam is halfway down her arm!), and everyone wore pants that were definitely not picture worthy.


  1. Yes, you can change the shirt color. the steps are easy - but sometimes getting it to look right can be tricky. You need to select the shirt (Use the lasso tool to make the selection - Then when the running ants are circling what you want to change use the color adjustment - adjust hue and saturation.) I would suggest a copy of the picture, steady hands, and kids visiting grandma before you start or you might throw the computer at someone before you finish :) LOL

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I really appreciate them!

    Donna, thank you for the lasso suggestion. I tried working with the sweater and made progress, but I think it would take me a while to get the hang of that. : ) I had trouble with the hair hanging over the sweater. So I decided I would settle for good enough and just darkened the image a little. It does look a little better. I also tweaked the font and tilted the picture a bit.

    I will post the final version soon as my Christmas greeting to all my blogging buddies. : )


  3. Kellie,

    I think this looks good too. I didn't even notice the difference in color on the shirts until I read that. I guess I was drawn to the kids' faces and the text. I have to admit, you are too funny, putting matching clothes (of other peoples) on them so they match. Another beautiful card!

  4. You can also try the burn tool to darken just were you "paint". If you use one of the larger brushes with diffused edges, you can sometimes get good results easily. But save the original and draft with different names and remember ctrl-z is undo in case you paint in the wrong areas or don't like the effect.

    Looks good though! You'll have to teach me at Christmas.


  5. Just found your blog through Equip Academy and it's lovely! I love what you've done with the card much better than the first version. I think the photo of the kids is perfect - the slight difference in the red actually looks good, I think.
    Glad you have been able to figure out the software to do this. I too have been lamenting the death of my favorite hobby (scrapbooking) since the birth of our 3rd (I have 4now). I recently bought the Creative Memories digital scrapbooking software and it is WONDERFUL to be cropping again (although I still don't have the software totally figured out).
    Hope you enjoy many more hours of digital cropping with your Photoshop!

  6. And this one is also gorgeous. I must repeat to myself: I do not need another hobby either. I do not need another hobby either. :)