Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week 17 in Review

What a week! We got a lot done, but it was very different than our normal routine. Individual subjects were held at a minimum and we spent a good portion of the week snuggled on the bed reading. We had some Christmas joy infused into our school week in everything from a nativity themed word search to decorating our classroom, such as our little tree to the left and lots of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling (below).

Even better, we made time for a Christmas art project. Googling "Nativity art project" led me to That Artist Woman's blog and this lovely project:

We also studied George Frederick Handel and his magnificent Messiah. Here are some great resources we used:

Both Hallelujah Handel's are essentially the same story, so you could just use the book for pictures while you listen to the CD. We chose to read the book by itself after listening to the CD. We also listened to selections from Messiah. I also found through the library a CD with Medieval Christmas songs that I of course forgot to play when we were doing our art project. We'll try to find some time this weekend to listen to it.

Grace's ballet school had their annual open house, so we had fun watching how much she has learned since last year.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and I wish you Happy Homeschooling in 2009!

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  1. Thanks for the art project idea! I found it to be a bit too difficult for our 3yo but it was a good lesson in color blending for our 5 and 7yo. I will admit that i wasn't well prepared with the right paint colors or brushes, but the kids had lots of fun (especially since I hardly ever bring out the paint).

    What a nice project to help stick the nativity scene in the kids' heads this season!