Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up {Decisions and Celebrations}

 photo 2016 FCA Protocol - 1.jpg
Daddy's little girl

It's been a full weekend, so I'll try to keep this update short and sweet!

Let's start with last Sunday... I volunteer in our church nursery during the Sunday school hour. It's a small church, so I usually only have 2-3 toddlers to watch, but this time a grandma brought her 4-week-old grandson to the nursery and asked if I could watch him for Sunday school. Are you kidding me?! The last time I got to hold a newborn that long was probably when Grace was born. I'm convinced if everyone started out their week holding a sleeping, cooing 4-week-old baby, the world would be a much happier place. : )

Monday and Tuesday were pretty routine -- school and activities. Algebra went much better this week. ; )

Wednesday got a little crazy because we added a new furball to our family. I'll formally introduce him in a day or two. He's currently curled up with his head on my feet as I type.

Thursday morning Marc, Anna, and I sat down at the kitchen table for two hours, trying to help her decide where she wants to go to college. She needs to accept or decline a scholarship to one of her top choices this coming Wednesday, so the time has come to decide if that's where she wants to go. Unfortunately, the deliberations did not bring a decision. She is blessed to have some wonderful options, so it just might come down to a coin flip on Wednesday.

Saturday was Anna's last Protocol with her Christian, classical school. It is always a highlight of the school year, and this year was extra special since she is a senior. The event always starts with a parent reception at the elementary campus. The dads escort their daughters to the front entrance of the school where they are greeted by one of the male students who then escorts the girls into the reception. We take pictures, nibble on appetizers, listen to a presentation about etiquette in the real world (Marc was the speaker two years ago), and then we take more pictures as they are whisked away in a limo. Then the kids attend a multi-course dinner and some sort of entertainment. Parents can attend the whole evening, but this was the first year Marc and I attended the dinner/entertainment portion and we had a wonderful time. The venue was a lovely historic hotel and the entertainment was a magician/illusionist with a Christian message. It was a wonderful evening!

After Protocol, the seniors hung out at one of their classmate's house for a few hours, so Anna didn't get home until 2 a.m. Nevertheless, she and I got up early to drive two hours to visit a church near the college she trying to decide on, hoping that might help make the decision easier. I always love visiting other churches because it's such a great reminder of our unity in Christ, but this was a particularly wonderful church to visit. She said she could definitely picture herself there, but she still just can't decide if that's the school for her.

I think the next few days might be interesting! Please pray. : )

Have a wonderful week!