Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BHA Weekly Planner

Everyone has their own planning system that works best for themselves, and there are plenty of homeschool planning resources available on the internet. Regardless, since I'm in the midst of planning for the second half of our school year, I thought I'd share what has been working for me.

The planner I use is actually a variation of the planner my friend and homeschool mentor, Melanie, gave me when I first started homeschooling. It's designed to grow with the students, so I tweak it every now and then. Each student has a section with their individual subjects listed and a space for the day's assignment. This year I found it helpful to make the planner two pages, using the second page for subjects we do together and for extracurricular activities. That left me a little more room on the first page to be creative and add an encouraging Bible verse. I print on thicker copier paper so I can print on both sides versus stapling two pages.

I typically fill in the planning sheets six weeks in advance, but I always write in pencil so changes can easily be made. This could easily be done on the computer as well, but for whatever reason I still prefer to write instead of type. Each school day I keep the planner at my desk and check things off as they are completed.

If you would like to download a copy click here. I don't know why the formatting gets so messed up in the iPaper format, but it seems to work fine if you download it as an Excel file, and then you can customize it to your needs. Note that in Excel to find the second page click on the tab at the bottom of the screen.

On a completely unrelated note: If you're wondering what was in the Christmas mug, click here. It is wonderful!


  1. Love this sheet! I tried homeschool software this year - I thought it would be easier for me to change things as we flexed. But instead, I'm not getting things imput because I have to come to my computer to do it.
    I think I will look into adjusting this sheet for us! THanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing these sheets! I really, really like them and can't wait to use them to suit our needs. They seem to be what I have been searching for!! Thank you! ~April