Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rise, Come and See the King

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas! We had a wonderful day all snug in the blue house. My dad is in town, so the kids have been having fun with Grandpa. At the last minute we were able to invite the 'S' family over for dinner since the weather conditions were too bad for them to travel to their planned celebration. The kids had a ball, the grown-ups enjoyed chatting, and everyone joined in singing Happy Birthday to Marc and Jesus.

And now for the final video from our church Christmas program. Hopefully I'm not overdoing it with the videos, but I have several family members that visit the blog and like to see what the kids are doing. This video really gives a good glimpse into the life of our church. It is a small church, but because of our size we are a pretty close group. The Christmas program is not very flashy or choreographed, but it always seems to put me in the Christmas spirit -- the real Christmas spirit. And I just love the song the kids sang this year -- a traditional Polish carol called Rise, Come and See the King.

Grace is in the front row with the black dress, Ryne is in the middle (third from the left, red sweater) and Anna is mostly blocked by Ryne throughout the song. But this would be a good time to thank my brother-in-law, Dave, who manned two video cameras the whole night while I helped direct kids. He did a great job, and I wouldn't have survived the night without him since Marc was home sick.

Again, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Great job! Very nice carol (and no one got mooned by a four year old.... oh wait - that was MY kid!)!