Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1000 Gifts

More blessings to count:

16. A thirteen-year-old who loves to bake, and is good at it.

17. Passing the Snickerdoodle recipe onto the next generation.


18. My son's odd fascination with Bible genealogies. He was absolutely giddy when the pastor read Luke 3 a couple of weeks ago.

19. Cool pillowcases and thick, cozy blankets.

20. Getting to sleep with the windows open for a night -- in February!

21. Waking up to the hooting of an owl.

22. My 20+ year old alarm clock, for the days when I need more than the owl's help.

23. The sound of an eight-year-old humming hymns all day.

24. Making a recipe I haven't tried in years.

25. Kids whose taste buds have matured, declaring said recipe a success.

26. Being on the same page with my husband -- united in a goal.

27. Little girl tea parties.


You too can join others in acknowledging the Lord's many gifts here.

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