Monday, February 7, 2011

1000 Gifts

My last post was pretty heavy, and I'm sorry if I passed along my sadness. I just needed to share where I've been. I have lots to write about where I'm going. I think you will find it much more refreshing.

Something interesting happened last year when I started lurking on a fellow homeschooling/swim team mom's blog, Goggles and Grace. Heather's Multitude Monday posts are simply lovely. Such an attitude of gratitude. I'm sure being gifted with the camera helps, but she really seems to live in the moment. I was so inspired, I even came of lurking mode to tell her. : )

Then I noticed several other bloggers joining along: Laura. Debi. Jennefer. Each time I read a post, I thought I should do that too. But it wasn't until I started reading Ann Voskamp's new book that I truly understood the purpose of these beautiful lists. If you want to understand how thanksgiving can transform a life, then you must read this book. I'm still reading, but already I'm full of hope of what a life of gratitude can accomplish.

And so, my list begins:

1. Snow days.


2. A storm that accomplished what I can never do, make time stop.


3. Having Daddy home from work for two days.

4. Fireplace, burning hot.

5. My mom's beef stew.

6. Puzzles with my youngest.

7. Read-alouds with Daddy.

8. A kind neighbor who plowed the end of the driveway, the hardest part.

9. A strong husband who shoveled the rest, even with a bad shoulder.

10. Kids playing in almost 14 inches of snow.


11. A few days later, a nature walk in the white, and a friend to share the fun.


12. God's artistry on the frozen creek.


13. Optimism -- always thinking the ice hiding under the snow will be strong enough.


14. Dry socks and clothes up at the house -- because, despite the optimism, feet always seem to get wet.

15. Choosing to laugh instead of scold -- because the snow days won't last forever.


You too can join others in acknowledging the Lord's many gifts here.


  1. A *beautiful* list, Kellie, filled with beautiful pictures and beautiful sentiments! Thank you... for sharing, for encouraging, and for always making this spot such a warm and welcoming place! You lift my spirits, every single time!

    Blessings to you for a glorious week ahead, and keep right on counting those gifts... it really change your life!!

  2. This is a beautiful list. Thank you for sharing.

    My last comment seems to have disappeared, so I'm not sure if it got through. I appreciate your honesty and integrity in blogging. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. this book keeps popping up all over the place. maybe i should get it!