Monday, May 4, 2009

Absent Blogger Shares Her Husband's Mail

Has it really been two weeks since I last posted? I have in fact been blogging, with five different posts in the works -- just none that are completed. And weekly reviews? Yikes, I'm a little behind. It's too bad, because we've accomplished quite a bit and have had some fun too. It's been a little hard to find time for blogging because I've been busy reading my new RDI books in preparation for a webinar Dr. Gutstein is leading in a couple of days on the RDI Operating System. I am amazed at those of you who get a lot of reading done AND find time to blog. Will you share your secrets? I am also coordinating a homeschool spelling bee that will happen this Friday, so I've been busy ordering trophies, managing registration, and finding judges. On top of all that, Anna has taken up track this spring. I didn't think anything could last longer than a swim meet, but now I know better. Track meets are twice as long! Whew! No wonder I've been such a bad blogger.

When life is this busy and crazy it's always good to laugh a little, and I certainly got a chuckle recently when I checked the mail. First a little background info: Marc works in a sales position within the insurance industry, so he's always getting these corny flyers in the mail, telling him how much money he could make if he worked for Fabulous Company XYZ. But this is the best offer I've seen so far.

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Oh...Wow... is that somethin' or what? I've been trying to come up with some witty remark, but instead I'm just left speechless.

Do people actually make money sending out this trash? Seriously. They had to have money to print the postcards, hopefully pay the model for making such a spectacle of herself, and run the website that my husband is encouraged to visit ( Do they actually get enough (any?) responses from people to recoup their costs?

No wonder our economy is in shambles.


  1. Good grief is all I can say!
    Praying for a successful spelling bee.

  2. My goodness, that is so nauseating. Do people really fall for that stuff?????

  3. And I'm so glad that you have a big huge post space to share that. It's so much funnier full-sized. ;)

    Who wants to bet $20 she doesn't even live in your state, much less work for that potential boss?

    :) Funny stuff!