Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another use for the MUS blocks

As part of Gracie's memory work this spring, we have been learning phone numbers -- first the home phone number, then Daddy's cell phone number, and finally my cell phone number. By the time she got to my number, there were too many numbers floating around in her head and she started getting confused. So we came up with a visual, using our Math U See blocks.


To make it even more fun I used my Startwrite software to print the number in HWT font for tracing or for having her build the phone number.

Now if you're out there, Cyber Creep, before you start leaving me creepy messages on my cell phone, that is not my real number. But the people at this number would love to share Jesus with you!

Anyway, the visual worked very well, and Grace knocked out my phone number on the very next try. So I'm thinking the next time I need to memorize a phone number (it seems like Hubby gets a new one every couple of years), I'm totally trying this method. I wish I had something like this when I was trying to memorize my junior high locker combination.


  1. That's a great idea. I love it. I'll have to try it myself.
    Congratulations to Anna, too!

  2. Yeah for Math-U-See blocks! They get used for all sorts of things around here - cakes, swords, etc . . :D

  3. That's a very clever idea. We are using Joshua's pirate treasure coins as counters for maths at the moment. Anna is learning to do additions where the sum is greater than ten by dividing one of the numbers so the other number can be ten. Very confusing, I will give an example:

    7 + 5 = 7 + (3 + 2) = 10 + 2 = 12.

    The pirate coins have different pictures on the two sides so when she moves the coins from one set to the other to make a ten, she can still see how many she has moved over, but she doesn't get confused about adding apples to oranges and them still being valid as fruit (like she was with some of the text pictures).

    Doing things with hands on stuff seems to make the teaching of the concept simpler, no matter what it is.

    ~ Sharon

  4. What a fabulous idea!! I'm going to steal it to teach Jake our cell phone numbers and teach Lydia cell phone numbers and home number! Look at you, super smart homeschool mommy!!


  5. Thank you for this idea. And I was worried about you posting your phone number until I read your paragraph to "cyber creep." You are funny *and* smart.

    Our state has added the requirement of dialing the area code, too, and my DD simply cannot remember my cell phone #. Haven't even tried any other numbers. I will try your method.

    Susan, from MUS yahoo group