Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100 posts and you don't even know what I look like!

It's stunning to me that I've actually found a hundred different things to write about since starting this blog! As I pondered different ways to celebrate the occasion, it occurred to me that unless you know me in real life you have no idea what I look like. Maybe last summer you saw this picture of my backside and you were able to imagine what I looked like from the other side.

Now here I even gave you a peek of my actual face, but would you recognize me at the grocery store?

There are two reasons for the lack of Kellie pictures on this blog. First, for better or for worse, I am the family photographer. Hubby is talented at many things, but photography is not in the top ten fifteen twenty. Anytime I hand the camera to him I have to remind him, "Here is the zoom button, Honey." So if I'm controlling the camera you can safely assume I'd rather be taking pictures of anyone or anything other than myself.

Which brings me to the second reason. I really hate to see pictures of myself. I still have quite a bit of extra pregnancy pounds to lose, even though it's been a good long time since I've been pregnant. And it's a rare day that I actually have my hair and makeup done. Oh, and I've given up plucking out the gray hairs. I'm too nervous to chemically treat my hair, and even more nervous to try some of the natural hair coloring methods.

Putting aside my excuses, I decided that if we're really going to be blogging buddies, you might appreciate being able to put a face to the blog. Many of you have cute little profile pictures of yourselves next to your wonderful comments, and I love knowing that you are real people. So now that I've totally built up the anticipation, here are a few of my 20-plus attempts at a self-portrait...

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I took all these pictures myself, holding the camera out in front of me, because I was too embarrassed to actually pose for someone!

So here I am...it's nice to meet you...please don't stop visiting my blog because of this crazy post.


  1. It's so nice to get to see you! All of your pictures look great, but I like the one in the middle the best. I can't believe you were able to take those yourself. I have tried that, and always get horrible results.
    Thank you for the nice comments on my boys' blog the other day. They were so excited to get them!

  2. Nice to "meet" you, Kellie! I love your pictures...you are lovely! And I see a resemblance to your mother!

  3. I like the one on the right . . . I'm with you on the gray hairs. I am considering just letting nature take its course because I have never colored my hair!

  4. Hey! I knew your email was familiar . . . were you at the RDI Webinar today? I do not recognize your face, bu I do recognize argsmommy!

  5. Hey Kellie,

    Nice to meet you face to ... um, pixels?

    I like the middle one as well but actually it is hard to choose because the expressions are so different. If they were of me, I would choose the one which I think most portrays the person I am. The last one makes you seem kind of mysterious or perhaps shy, for example, but the middle one (perhaps mostly because of the different head tilt) makes you seem more friendly and approachable. The first is perhaps more serious or contemplative? So which of these three women are you - or are you really all three?

    I think you are brave for putting up colour pictures, as well. For portraits I always black and white them then tint them for the blog, except where I am part of family photos. Not sure if it really makes any difference but it makes me feel a little more pretty anyway!

    ~ Sharon

  6. Well, I did it! Thanks for your comments, ladies. Marc and Anna liked the middle one too, so for now that's what I'll go with. : )

    Sharon, what an interesting perspective! I suppose I am a combination of all those traits (well, probably not the mysterious part).


  7. Helllooooooo gorgeous!

    That was fun!

  8. LOL! Kellie those are some of the same reasons I haven't put my picture on my blog. But since I do see you more often than those on the blog, the one in the middle looks most like you or is how I see you in my memory when you are not in front of me. :)

  9. Good choice using the middle one - although I think they are ALL very good! I soooo know what you mean about posting pics or yourself though. I am the photo taker and I certainly ain't gettin' any younger or thinner - lol! I ponytail it every day but Sunday!

    Funny - when I scrolled down to read posts I'd missed I could immediately tell which one was your mom! That was a nice post....

  10. Hi, Well I just stumbled upon your blog through your blog designers site. I also like the middle photo the best. And I also am the photog in our family. On my site I have a pic of me on the "about me" page that is actually 5 years old! I couldnt find a decent recent one, but there are others throughout, though, not so closeup. And I also quit coloring my hair, oh about 7 years ago or so. I say grey is for wisdom! Im going to peruse your site. Come by for a visit if you get time. Nice to meet you! www.girlreturnshome.com

  11. Happy 100th! I don't like posing either. They are all beautiful. Each one says something different to me as an onlooker.