Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give-Away Winner and Spring Reading Thing 2009

First, the moment BOTH of you have been waiting for -- who had the closest guess to Grace's favorite letter?

The winner of my small give-away is Andrea! Congratulations!

So what is Grace's favorite letter? She said the letter 'E' because, "if you add it to the end of a word it makes the vowel sound long."

Well, doesn't that just make a homeschool mom's heart proud!

So, Andrea, send me an email with a mailing address, and I will send you ABC Poem of the Week. I will have to do another give-away someday, something that will interest all of my readers. I may have a small following, but I love each and every one of your encouraging comments!

It's time for the Spring Reading Thing at Callapidder Days! I didn't do too well with the Fall Challenge, finishing only a third of my not-so-big list. Another third of that list is still in progress, and I did read a couple of books that never made it to the list. But spring is a time of new beginnings, so I'm not going to let my unfinished fall list get me down. I am going to be realistic though. I am not going to be able to finish a huge amount of reading before summer because we have a lot going on in the next few months. And as much as I'd like to sit down with a good novel, I really need to do some autism and homeschooling reading right now, so I'm limiting my list to those topics. I'll have to get my fiction fix from reading with the kids. And now for my Spring Reading Thing 2009 list:

Autism Books

The Fabric of Autism by Judith Bluestone: I actually started reading this last week, and it is very different from most autism books I've read. The author, who passed away just last month, had autism herself and does an amazing job describing what it is like dealing with the difficulties and challenges someone on the spectrum faces. I will be blogging more about this book soon, including the reason why I am reading the book.

The RDI Book by Steven E. Gutstein, Ph.D.: I had the old outdated RDI book on my fall list, but never got to it. Now I don't have to because I just preordered this book that gives the latest and greatest of RDI. I also ordered two other RDI books, My Baby Can Dance, and RDI and Education, so these three books should keep me busy. We are really in need of a jump-start with RDI again, so I'm hoping these books will do just that.

Homeschooling Books

Charlotte Mason's Series ~

Home Education in Modern English: Volume 1
School Education in Modern English: Volume 3
Towards a Philosophy of Education in Modern English: Volume 6

I've been convinced for a while that I need to add in more Charlotte Mason elements into our homeschool, but have just not had the time to think through what changes need to be made. Jennefer over at Smooth Stones Academy has inspired me to finally read Charlotte Mason's series that has been translated into Modern English. My goal is to read these three volumes, maybe not by June but hopefully before we start our new school year in July.

I would also love to finish up the three books from my fall list that I started, two of which are very close to being done.

Come join me at the Spring Reading Thing 2009!

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  1. Sorry I missed the giveaway. I would have participated if I had been online.