Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gracie's Alphabet Book (and a small give-away)

In a recent post I showed the shoebox bunny we made to help Grace learn her alphabet and other things. The trip down memory lane made me think of a few other alphabet resources we enjoyed, so I thought I would share.

First we made an alphabet book for Grace that we just kept in a clear binder. The cover was just made from a picture I found probably on Microsoft Clipart.

Next we pasted some coloring sheets on the inside pages for each letter of the alphabet. For some reason she wanted the cow to have clothes, so that's why it's green and blue!

There are a million alphabet printables available online, but here are the links for the ones we used.

While Grace colored I would read her a silly poem from this book.

Each letter has its own poem and some activity suggestions. Here is a sample:

Silly Sisters Sing

Their stage awaits them and the curtain is set.
Silly sisters sing.
But they giggle too much -- they're not ready yet.
Silly sisters sing.
Once they begin, it's the words they forget.
Silly sisters sing.
So they dance and sing the alphabet!
Silly sisters sing.


* What if the silly sisters were snakes? What would they sound like? (ssssssss) Invite the children to say or sing the Alphabet song as if they were the silly sister snakes! ...

Finally, here is a fun game we found that helps with remembering the order of letters.

Ah, if I could just always homeschool a preschooler! Teaching the alphabet was a lot more fun than multiplying decimals! Are you homeschooling a preschooler? If so, I would love to give you a little present. Leave me a comment guessing what Grace's favorite letter is and I will send the person with the closest guess our copy of ABC Poem of the Week for free. And if no one comments, then it's going in the For Sale pile with the steep price of $1.50! I told you it was a small give-away. You have until Monday-ish to submit your comment.


  1. I am going to guess 'G' just because my Rachel has always preferred the first letter of her own name.
    Love the veggie letters! Good for a plant study...

  2. I know the give away is over and you've told us the answer but I still wanted to share... the other day Joshua told me that his favourite letter was A because it made so many sounds.

    ~ Sharon