Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My homesick sister who is working abroad asked for Halloween pictures, so here they are! We were a little rushed putting things together, so I think I should have added more straw to Gracie's costume, and I've discovered that I have no talent as a makeup artist. They are all out trick-or-treating right now, having a ball!

Anna as a Mime

Gracie as a Scarecrow

Ryne as a Pirate


  1. Your kids look amazing. Those are some fantastic costumes.

    And your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud. Of course you're not old... but did you ever wake up one day and think... dude, I've been out of hs for 20 years?!

    I still feel like a teenager. I wake up each day in disbelief that I have 3 kids. ;)

  2. Wow,How much better could they have looked if you had more that possible? :) The kids looked great! I bet Anna could play the part pretty well too, viewing from the picture she had a pretty neat pose. Rhyne's made me chuckle. What did he let you do to his eyes? Is that makeup or fake lashes? Whatever it is, that's cool he let you put something up there. Gracie was just plain cute...couldn't "scare" anything.

  3. I'm having keyboard issues, first sentence should have read-- Wow, how much... too bad we can't go back and edit our comments! :)

  4. The black around Ryne's eyes was costume makeup. The stuff was very hard to work with, and it was hard to make his big blue eyes look scary. : )