Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Into Reading Challenge

I was visiting some new blogs today (an addiction in the making), and I stumbled across this:

You can read more about the challenge at Callapidder Days.

I keep a basket next to my bed to hold all my reading material, and it's getting pretty full. Many of the books are half-read, and others have been sitting there untouched for more than a couple of years. Some of them I really need to read so I can be a better autism mom. Others to be a better homeschool mom or a better Christian. What is always lacking in my reading basket is just plain pleasure reading. I love fiction, but struggle with the selection process. One book that has helped me in choosing books for my kids is Honey for a Child's Heart, so last year I bought Honey for a Woman's Heart. It is full of great fiction and non-fiction suggestions, and the first book I read based on her recommendation became one of my all-time favorites (The Heaven Tree Trilogy by Edith Pargeter). But since then I just have not made much time to read something "just because."

So I hereby commit to read the following books by December 20th:

RDI Books

Solving the Relationship Puzzle by Steven Gutstein
You would think that I would have read the intro RDI book by now, but I've been told by several people that it is too outdated since RDI has undergone several revisions. Nevertheless, I now think it would be a good idea for me to read it now to brush up on the basics. I have a fairly good general understanding of RDI now, so I should be able to recognize what has been updated.

Awakening Children's Minds by Laura Berk
I am actually already two-thirds through this book. I had originally checked it out from the library and ran out of renewals by the time I really started to get into it. Despite my slow start, I now understand why it is considered an RDI must-read.

Homeschooling Books

Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes
I'm the daughter of a former art teacher. I have shelves of high quality art supplies inherited from my mom, not to mention dozens of incredible art books and curricula. So what subject am I failing as a homeschool mom? Hopefully this book will start me on a better path.

Deconstructing Penguins by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone
I just learned about this book from
Smooth Stones Academy. I like this quote from the back cover, "Children often engage in passive reading, simply speeding through a book in order to check it off an assignment list. Yet kids become successful lifelong readers only when they delve into what a book means." ( finished 10/21)

Books on Christianity

Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul
This is a short book, but I think it will teach me volumes on how to really study my Bible.

Evangelicalism Divided by Iain Murray
I confess, I would never have picked this book out on my own. My pastor loaned it to me more than two years ago, so I could understand the events that have led to the decline in doctrinal education in the church. It is a dry read, but I have learned much from this book. I still have about 200 pages to go, and I don't have until December to finish it. My pastor has accepted a call at another church and will leave at the end of this month, so I need to return it to him before he leaves. We'll see if I actually get this one done!

A Call to Spiritual Reformation by Don Carson
Sharon at
Equip Academy invited others to read this book with her. I was just telling my ladies Bible study at church this week how many prayer life has not been so great lately, so maybe this book will help me refocus.

Just Because Books

A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot
I love biographies, and I love Elisabeth Elliot (if you have not read her books on her first husband, Jim Elliot, you must!). This book is the story of Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India and a poet. This book has been sitting in my basket for way too long.

Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis
Anna has read all the Narnia books, a few of them twice, and this is her favorite. I, on the other hand, have only read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (as a read-a-loud with her several years ago). I feel so deprived, so I am committing to Prince Caspian for now, but hopefully I will keep going after that. (finished 11/22)

The biggest challenge facing me is not the list of books to read, but rather figuring out how to balance this with my new blog addiction. Based on all the wonderful books I see in the sidebars of homeschool moms' blogs, it must be possible to keep up with both. If you have any tips, let me know!


  1. I've been visiting new blogs, too, and I agree, it is very addicting! Especially fun when you find other like-minded women who love the same things you do.

    I also treasure Gladys Hunt's books, Honey for a Child's Heart, Honey for a Woman's Heart. She wrote Honey for a Teen's Heart, too (not sure if you're in that stage of life yet, but if not . . . it's coming!) I'll have to go check out your recommendation for The Heaven Tree Trilogy. Thanks for sharing, and happy reading :) (both blogs and books)

  2. Thanks for visiting! Yes, I've seen the teen volume too, but we're probably not ready for it yet (my oldest will turn 11 in a few months). It is certainly on my future "to buy" list. : )


  3. I ordered The Heaven Tree Trilogy from our library last night. Yikes, it's 800 plus pages! Fortunately, our library is great about allowing you to renew . . . and renew . . . and renew.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too, and hope you like the roast chicken recipe. :)

  4. Don't worry about how long it is -- remember it's really 3 books in one. It took me a couple of chapters to get into it (I'm like that with most books), but then I couldn't put it down. Hope you enjoy it!


  5. Now I see how busy you are with so many books to read as well as everything else I am very impressed that you have chosen to read Don Carson's book with me. I'm about to do the next instalment, so I better get onto it for you.
    ~ Sharon

  6. Sharon,

    I'm guessing I will be reading right up until December 20th, which is pretty sad compared to how quickly some people read. Oh well, if I didn't do the challenge at least a few of those books wouldn't have even been touched this year. : )

    I will start on the Carson book as soon as it comes in though, so I can try to catch up with you!


  7. I have not heard of Honey for a Woman's Heart! Yea, another book to add to my Christmas list!!! :)