Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lazy or Wise?

We enjoyed our week off from school last week. Apparently a little too much, because we ended up taking this week off as well. It was a hard decision, because I didn't want to appear lazy to my kids and give them the impression that if we don't feel like doing something we just won't do it. But I decided my motives were pure and taking an additional week was not going to put us drastically behind. I did not get everything done I needed to do last week, including some planning items for our schooling. And it wasn't because I was lazy. There was just a lot to do. If we had started school again this week with those things undone I was going to be one stressed-out momma, so I figured out how we could take one more week off and not get too far off schedule. It was actually quite easy to come up with a new plan. I originally scheduled a whole week off for Thanksgiving, but it turns out we're staying home and no one is coming to visit. So we can easily add a couple of days in that week. We will add the remaining days in at the beginning of our Christmas break. Judging by the amount of work I've completed yesterday and today, I think I made a wise decision. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: flexibility is one of the beautiful things about homeschooling!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your 2 weeks off. :)