Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Just in case seeing a million pictures of Grace's ballet in the last two posts wasn't enough, I'm posting the video from dress rehearsal. The first video starts with the end of the little kids' mice dance where the fairy godmother taps them with her wand to turn them into ponies. The coachman then ushers out the prancing ponies and shortly thereafter Cinderella is whisked away to the ball.

Cinderella's attendants prepare for her grand entrance. (Grace's part is done at 2:47, but I left the part where Cinderella meets the prince because it is so pretty).

Okay, I promise we're done with ballet posts until next June. I'll return soon with our regularly scheduled program, whatever that might be! ; )


  1. That was beautiful! Grace did a wonderful job, and I think ballet is a wonderful part of the Blue House Academy.

  2. loved it! her names fits her graceful! : )