Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Colorful Colorado

Oh, summertime, will you please slow down? We are enjoying you so much, but it seems like every time we blink we're just a moment away from buying school supplies and filling up our calendar.

Our latest adventure has been a trip to the lovely state of Colorado. Now most families, when taking a trip to Colorado, do normal things like packing up the family wagon and driving there together or if the budget allows they fly there. Apparently we're not your average family. We practically need a spreadsheet to chart each family member's arrival and departure dates. I drove out there on a Sunday with three kids and a dog. Marc arrived by plane on Wednesday. On Friday I left with one kid and a dog. Monday through Wednesday, this week, Marc is attending business meetings in Denver. On Wednesday Marc will leave by plane to go to St. Louis for more business meetings. Sometime this week my brother-in-law will drive to Denver. On Sunday he will return, with my other two children. Got that?! Such is the life we lead.

Oh, and did I mention that a stomach bug has knocked us down, one by one, the last couple weeks? First the girls got sick, so we delayed our trip by a day, hoping we wouldn't get anyone else sick. Once we got to Denver, however, I got sick. The day after I left, Ryne (still in Denver) got sick. Now it's my sister's turn. Everyone who has been in contact with us in the last week is just waiting for it to hit them next. My sincere apologies to our families -- had I any idea, we would have just stayed home! 

Nevertheless, we squeezed in some wonderful family time and soaked in all that beautiful Colorado weather and scenery.  

 photo 2013Colorado1.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado2.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado3.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado4.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado5.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado6.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado7.jpg

That's me climbing the rock wall below. Oh, wait. My bad! I'm actually the one sitting at the bottom of the mountain recovering from a stomach bug while my kids, dad, and sister go on a hike. But it totally could have been me! ; )

 photo 2013Colorado9.jpg

My sister, dad, and all our dogs. I come from a die-hard dog-loving family.

 photo 2013Colorado10.jpg

Our Fourth of July celebration included a trip to Georgetown, an old mining town, for a parade and a train ride through the mountains. In the evening we hung out at Marc's mom's house, grilling burgers and brats, swimming in the neighborhood pool, and playing cards. Everyone was having too much fun to go out for fireworks.

 photo 2013Colorado11.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado12.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado14.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado15.jpg

I need to trade in my minivan for one of these turquoise beauties.

 photo 2013Colorado17.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado18.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado19.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado20.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado21.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado22.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado23.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado24.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado26.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado27.jpg

 photo 2013Colorado28.jpg

My favorite boys: Marc, Ryne, and Dad

 photo 2013Colorado29.jpg

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Have you seen Duck Dynasty?? We think Anna looks just like Sadie!

    1. No, I think we're about the only family around that hasn't seen it -- so it goes when you only get one television station. ; ) Will have to look Sadie up though!

  2. great pics...small town parades are the best!

  3. I missed the post earlier somehow???

    Beautiful pix. I want to see you scale the rock wall. :)