Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bible Memory Work

In addition to graduating from First Language Lessons, we celebrated finishing a two-year long Bible memory project. This was something Anna did at her school in 6th grade and it was my favorite thing she did that year. The memory work contains key facts and verses from every book in the New Testament. 

This was something I didn't want Ryne to miss out on, so decided to add it into our schedule last year. Since this type of thing is easier for us to do as a group, I decided to include Grace even though she was only in 3rd grade when we started. Unfortunately, we got behind schedule, and when I realized we wouldn't get done in the school year I slowed down our pace. Apparently I slowed it down a little too much, because we finished on the last day of school a few weeks ago! Both kids recited individually (Ryne was almost perfect, Grace was great with the verses but a little weak with some of the verse addresses) and then I recorded them together. So if they look a little weary, this was the end of a long day of reciting (they also recited some history memory work).

Warning: If you thought the videos from the last post were long, this is even longer!

Over and over, the kids have had opportunities to use the information they have memorized. Whether it be in their Sunday School or Catechism classes at church, while we're doing devotions, or reading books, they are always saying something reminded them of a verse they memorized. And that's the whole goal -- to hide God's Word in their hearts.


  1. Amazing! Ryne and Grace both did a wonderful job, and I am thoroughly impressed.

    Just last night, M and I were explaining to the boys that the Gospels had an intended audiences. Then our old brains couldn't remember which was written to which group. I was going to look that up today and refresh our memories, but now I don't have to! :)

  2. Thanks, Dawn! It is amazing to me what a young brain is capable of -- even though I've coached 3 kids through this, there is no way I could recite it from memory. I'm so thankful for this opportunity they have.

    And isn't it funny how God times everything perfectly! I planned on doing this post next week and doing the history one instead of this, but I was short on time and didn't need to write as much for this one. So I'm glad it was helpful for you!

  3. great job all of you! A couple of months ago, someone asked me why I home schooled for nine years. I said it was because I was able to tailor the curriculum to what I wanted my children to learn. She probably thought I was talking about math and science, but I was really referring to the amount of time I was able to sit with them and help them memorize Bible verses...invaluable.