Monday, May 10, 2010

All is well

A friend at church, who also happens to read this blog, mentioned that I've been very quiet since sending out my SOS from the Atlanta airport a week ago. Sorry!

I did finally make it home about 10:30 that night, but once I woke up the next morning I had a "to do" list a mile long. I was the coordinator for the homeschool spelling bee again this year, and the bee was last Friday. So I was busy as a bee (bad pun, I know).

It was sad to not have Anna participate in the spelling bee this year, but Ryne and Grace both participated for the first time! I thought it might be a disaster since we hardly studied and spelling is not Ryne's best subject, but they both did well, enjoyed the experience, and are eager to start preparing for next year.

Next came a busy Saturday of taking Anna to swim practice, returning overdue library books, and getting some planting done (the lettuce plants I bought before my trip looked very sad), and then Marc and the kids went on a Cub Scout camp out. The campers returned early Sunday morning, wishing me a happy Mother's Day, and we enjoyed the fellowship lunch provided by the men of the church. But by evening, half our family (including me) felt lousy. Ryne came down with it last, but seems to be hit the hardest, poor guy. He's usually up by 6:00 every morning, but it's after 11:00 right now and he's still asleep. We've been getting sick a lot this year, although thankfully it's never been the really bad flu.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into a normal routine. My trip really gave me a chance to relax and reflect, so I'm ready for a fresh start in some areas, including this blog. Today we're just going to concentrate on getting better, but this whole week will be a little different. It's Anna's last week at away-school for the year, so we're planning on helping out with some activities there later this week. As far as homeschooling goes, we were supposed to be done this week too, but because of several unplanned breaks throughout the year we will continue homeschooling through the summer. A few things are done for the year, so it will at least be a lighter load. And with swim team practices breaking up our schooling day, it will still feel very much like summer.

Hope you are all well; maybe today I can get caught up on reading all my favorite blogs -- I've missed you!

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  1. What?? Your life is busy?? LOL! Sometimes, even with vacations here and there, I feel like things never stop! I've got a million things planned for jsut this summer!

    Glad you're almost finished with away school and have gottten a needed rest with your trip. I hope you don't stress too much about the summer homeschool!