Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Because I love him...

Marriage is about sacrifice, right?

I may not always do a great job of putting my husband's needs above my own, but I proved this week that when it comes to the

really important things in life,

I'll do anything to show my honey how much I love him.

On Sunday, May 23rd, at 6:00 pm CST, I did not watch the final (as in EVER!) episode of this:

I started watching LOST five years ago. We were still living in Chicago at the time. Actually, the kids and I were living in Chicago at the time. Marc had moved back to the Blue House (you'll have to read here for that whole story) in January to start a new job. He commuted back to Chicago every weekend for six months. The kids were young, and I was tired. So tired that every night I would get those kids in bed by 7:00. Not as in "Hey kids, it's seven. Time for bed." No, we finished our last book, said our prayers, sang our last song, and kissed good-night -- all before 7:00! Most nights I'd spend my alone time on the computer or working on my Bible study lesson, but one summer night I turned on the TV and started watching this show about a plane that crashed on an island. I recognized that it was the hit show LOST I had read about in the paper -- they were replaying the first season through the summer months. I was hooked almost immediately. Every week I couldn't wait for a new (repeat) episode. Every night when I talked to Marc on the phone, I'd tell him how much he'd love this show.

"It has just enough of a science fiction twist for you. Polar bears on a tropical island, Honey!"

He was not convinced.

When our family was finally reunited at the Blue House, I bought the DVD set of the first season and I begged him to watch it with me. I couldn't believe how much he did not want to watch it. It's not like his standards for television or movies are that lofty, but he had it in his head he was not going to like it. But he finally caved, and it was just like the old Life cereal commercials.

He likes it! Hey, Mikey! {smug grin}

Since then, we have not missed an episode. It is our show. Last fall, even though we downgraded our cable to the basic, basic, basic package, we added the DVR just so we could record LOST. We'd get all excited for each other when one of us would make a LOST discovery, like the time I was reading one of the Narnia books to Ryne and Grace and discovered how The Others (possibly) got their non-name. You would have thought we discovered gold in our backyard.

So why didn't I watch the big conclusion on Sunday? Why have I been holding my hands over my ears all week, yelling

la, la, la, la, la, la, la...

or holding my hand over the computer screen every time I log on the internet?

Because my darling husband had to leave Sunday afternoon for a business trip to California. He had to be at a meeting Monday morning, making Sunday the only time he could leave. It has been killing me all week, not knowing what happened. You should have seen me watching the clock while it was airing.

tick... tick... tick...

But as much as I wanted to watch it Sunday night, it would not have been the same without my husband by my side. Yes, you may gag now.

Marc should be home in the next hour or so, but it's really too late for us to watch it tonight.

Says he. I'm just fine sacrificing any productivity tomorrow to stay up tonight and watch it.

Instead, tomorrow night will be our last LOST date. Anna is helping me plan a special LOST-themed dinner and she will be babysitting while we get lost in LOST for the last time.

Or maybe not. We both think it would be pretty neat to watch the whole series through again.

WARNING: You will be forever banned from this blog if you give me so much as a tiny hint of anything that happened on the show. : )


  1. LOL, Kellie!

    The sacrifices we wives make for our husbands. Those men are so blessed, aren't they? ;D

    I hope y'all have a great LOST date tonight. Sounds fun.

  2. Now, that is love!

    We are (were) Losties, too. It is (was) the only show on t.v. we really enjoy, and I am using every ounce of self control I possess not to say anything more bc I really don't want to be banned from this blog forever! :)

    I want to hear what you think after you've watched it though.

    Have a fun date night!

  3. awwww what a loving wife you are, Kellie!

    Would you believe I have never ever seen an episode? :) I am so out of the loop!

    Hope you had a great date together!

  4. Me and my husband watched the first two seasons together. Then he started working crazy hours for two year then night for the remainder so I watched it by myself. Now Netflix has them all to watch live and hubby has gotten back in to it, but he is only on season three. He will slowly get through them in his own time.

  5. So how did your LOST date go? I hope it met your expectations.

    ~ Sharon

  6. Sharon -- sorry for the delayed reply! Yes, we had a wonderful time. My babysitter (Anna) bailed on us, so we got a little later start than we would have liked, but we were very satisfied with the ending. We were surprised to find that so many people didn't like it. I could discuss for hours, but as I recall, you haven't seen the series so I don't want to spoil it -- you really should watch it on DVD sometime. I think when the kids are older, it is something I would enjoy watching again with them.