Friday, November 28, 2008

More RDI Resources

Since my last post on getting started with RDI, I've come across a couple more blogs that I think could really benefit newbies and veterans alike.

Remediating Autism

In case your not familiar with the term remediation, it is what most RDIers use in place of the term recovery. Remediation seems to fit a little better with the idea of giving the child a developmental "redo", whereas recovery is a term heavily used by those who believe that their child was snatched out of typical development and measures need to taken to bring them back. I personally think both terms have benefits and flaws and I don't think they have to be mutually exclusive, but now I'm digressing... The point is Remediating Autism is a new blog written by a woman who is both a RDI consultant and parent of a child on the spectrum. She seems particularly concerned that families who cannot afford a RDI consultant still be able to implement RDI techniques at home. She has already given some great suggestions, and I can't wait to see what she will write about in the future.

Raising Jake-a-Roo

This is written by a mom who has been doing RDI for 2 years with her son, Jake, who is now six. Jake has done very well with RDI, and they are already on Stage 5 (to put this in perspective, it is not uncommon for some kids to spend a year or more in Stage 1). I can personally attest that this family is great at implementing RDI. Carla, the mom, is the same mom who helped me a bunch last year when we were first starting RDI. I have been to an intro RDI presentation offered by her consultant and got to see some amazing video footage of their family doing RDI. Carla has been blogging for a while, but just recently made her blog public. If you want some encouragement and motivation or just want to see what RDI can do for a kid then head over to Carla's blog.

Aut-2B-Home In Carolina

I should have included this blog in my last post, but I forgot. This mom started RDI with her daughter about the same time we started, I think. But she has a much better grasp of RDI than I do! She has lots of video clips on her blog so you can see RDI in action. One of the best things about this family's story is that their daughter is defying the notion that autism interventions are not as effective as the child gets older. I know the media is trying to help, but I get so tired of constantly hearing that early intervention is the key to treating autism and that there is a small window of opportunity to help these kids. I can't remember how old the girl in this blog is, but I'm pretty sure she's 18 years or older. Amazing and also highly encouraging!

I don't know what I would do without all the wonderful blogs I read (not just RDI). I have learned so much, so I just want to be sure you know about them too!


  1. Kellie, I am so grateful that you shared these helpful RDI blogs with us. The consultant lives in my area, her blog is so helpful, I think I want to do RDI! Anyways, thanks so much for sharing and your lovely blog, too :)

  2. "but I get so tired of constantly hearing that early intervention is the key to treating autism and that there is a small window of opportunity to help these kids." Isn't that the truth! My son wasn't diagnosed until he was 10! Because of his age it was hard even getting help. (We did some OT, insurance wouldn't pay... grrrrrr. We went though an autism clinic and paid for appointments with educational specialists etc...) I wonder if it would have been easier if more folks realized that interventions are effective at any age? (Because even the medical and insurance communities seem to be uninformed at times!)