Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Feast Fit for a ...

... well, no one wanted to eat it, but it sure was pretty to look at. Chef Anna and her assistant, Gracie, were hard at work last week putting together this beautiful meal.

The first course (above) was tossed greens in a homemade clay dish (even the spoon was made out of the clay that my husband is always battling with in an effort to get grass to grow). The salad was topped with some walnuts (shell on - crunchy!). The main course of wild mushrooms followed.

The meal concluded with a sampling of our local fruit -- pears and some unidentifiable berries.

To wash it all down, a nice cup of tea was offered. I like how they worked so hard at presentation with all the place mats, and even a flower.

The tea itself was simple to brew. Just let several of the whole walnuts sit in some water and voila -- instant tea!

The girls even provided company for the meal. This fuzzy little caterpillar was not very sociable however.


  1. This little post made me smile :) How cute and witty!

  2. What a riot! This was too cute.