Friday, June 13, 2008

What's In a Name?

I love names. Granted, I can never seem to remember someone's name when we are first introduced, but I love to hear the stories behind the names of people and places. So to introduce myself and my family, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the names you will see on this blog.

Argsmommy. This is the username I have created for many of my internet activities. No, I'm not a pirate who goes around the house yelling, "ARRGGHH!" all day. Okay, maybe just once in a while! The "arg" simply refers to the first initial of my three incredible kids. Don't want to call me argsmommy? No problem, I also answer to the name Kellie! I never much cared for my name growing up because there always seemed to be three or more other girls with the same name. But very few spelled it with the "ie" ending.

Argsdaddy. This is not really his username, but it goes with my theme. My husband of 15 wonderful years is named Marc. I'm sure I will do some bragging about him in this blog because he's a fantastic husband and father. An interesting tidbit about Marc's name is that if you watch the credits for almost any movie, you will see a Marc spelled with a "c" instead of a "k."

A is for Anna. \'ä-nə\ I had to include the pronunciation for Anna's name because it's a little different than how most Americans pronounce it. Since childhood I always dreamed of having a girl named Elizabeth Ann. My middle name is Ann, and so was my mom's. And I just liked the Elizabeth part. So when I was pregnant with our first child, we agreed that if it was a girl that's what her name would be. But about four months into the pregnancy Marc and I took a short-term mission trip to Poland to teach at an English-Bible camp. We loved the people there, and several of the young teenage girls at the camp were named Anna. So we switched things around and decided our girl's name would be Anna Elizabeth, pronounced the way we heard it in Poland. Anna is now 10 years old and entering the 5th grade. She loves to read, draw, swim, and hang out with her best friend, Maddie.

R is for Ryne. \'rīn\ Really, we did not purposely set out to confuse people with the pronunciations of our kids' names! Ryne is named after the Hall of Famer Chicago Cubs second baseman, Ryne Sandberg. Marc is a third generation Cubs fan, and Sandberg is his favorite player of all-time. Our Ryne seems to be following the tradition -- he loves wearing his Cubs shirts and hats. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he starts memorizing all kinds of baseball statistics like his dad. Ryne's middle name is David, after Marc's brother and also the great hero from the Bible. Ryne is 8 years old and entering the 3rd grade. He loves reading, drawing, playing computer games, and Cub Scouts. Ryne also has high-functioning autism.

G is for Grace. We finally went for an easier name! I always had this name picked out as well. Gracie is named after my grandmother, who has always been a great role model for me. And her name is a constant reminder of the grace God has shown our family. Gracie's middle name is Rebekah, because my favorite Bible story is God's pairing of Isaac and Rebekah. Gracie loves to tell everyone she meets that she is 5-and-a-half, not just plain old 5. She is our drama queen, who is always singing or dancing or finding some other way of performing for us.

Blue House Academy. The kids came up with this name when we first started homeschooling. The background of this blog is actually a picture of the siding from our very blue house. It's turned out to be a great house for homeschooling. We have a room above our garage that is our school room/guest room/office which overlooks more than an acre of woods and a creek behind our house.

Now that you know a little bit about us, I will probably spend the next few posts giving some history about our autism journey. I don't think I can really get into our present day life without giving some background of where we've been and how it has prepared us for our current path.

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