Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jessie and Jasper

About two-and-a-half years ago, we welcomed Jessie to our family. She belonged to Uncle Jim and Aunt Tookie (Marc's sister), but she needed a place to stay while they built a new house. Our beloved husky had run away a few years earlier, so we were ready for a new dog (but weren't ready to do the puppy thing again). So we took Jessie in, and she immediately became part of the family. Uncle Jim and Aunt Tookie's house was completed about a year later, but they didn't dare break our kids' hearts by reclaiming Jessie.

Anna & Jessie

Today we added Jasper to the mix. Jasper needed a new home because his owner's baby has severe allergies and can't be around Jasper. So Jasper had been living on a chain in the front yard for several months. When word came out about Jasper on the local homeschool list, I couldn't resist.

Meet Jasper

We didn't tell the kids about Jasper until we went to go pick him up. Anna was at swim practice, so when we picked her up we had Jasper in the back of the car. We decided not to say anything to see how long it would take Anna to figure it out. At first she thought it was Jessie, but Anna knows her dog, and within 30 seconds she asked, "Whose dog is this?" Smart girl! But that didn't stop her from immediately falling in love with Jasper too. He is a very sweet dog!

So far the two dogs have been quiet, but mostly polite around each other. I think they will get along just fine. With names like Jessie and Jasper, how could they not get along?

Jasper and Jessie

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