Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer School

Before I get into our autism story, I thought I'd share some pictures of summer homeschooling. We have about two weeks of actual school work to complete in June, but we are spreading it out over the whole month. This gives us more opportunities for all the things kids are supposed to do in the summer. Today we had fun exploring in the creek behind our house. It is getting pretty "woodsy" out there, so we pretty much have to stay in the creek bed or we'd get eaten alive by bugs or thorn bushes.

Anna decides to practice her climbing skills.

Gracie was hunting for frogs, but I think we were too late in the day.

Ryne didn't catch much either, but he had fun with the net.

This is the kids' favorite spot, and nobody fell off this time!

So we didn't find many creatures today, but the mushrooms were pretty cool.

We did manage to find some Christmas lights that had washed down the creek.

Just as we were heading inside, Anna finally made contact with some wildlife.

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