Thursday, December 12, 2013

School Room Sneak Peak {Christmas Style}

 photo Christmasschoolroom1b.jpg

I'm not exactly sure what my blogging niche is, but I know I would fail big-time as a home blogger. I first promised pictures of our school room the fall of 2012. And then again this past August. But I never got around to taking pictures, and it also bugged me that a few things still needed to be finished. I finally painted the file cabinet a few weeks ago, so the only things that need to be done are sewing some pillow cases (I've had the fabric for over a year) and some touch-up paint. Oh, and there's a hole in the ceiling that needs to be fixed, but that's not my department. I'm not sure whose department it is, but it's not mine. I'm hoping the ceiling fairies will just come and take care of it. Oh, and all the woodwork needs to be repainted, but that goes for the whole house, so I'm just waiting to win the lottery so I can hire a painter. Might help if I actually bought lottery tickets.

As I decorated the school room for Christmas, however, I decided to finally take some pictures. Someday I'll do a full post that explains the why's and how's of our room -- it will be my New Year's Resolution -- but for now I'll just give you a few glimpses. It's not perfect, but it's my favorite room in the house and the one in which I spend the most time.

We've used most of the Christmas decorations for several years now. The snowflakes were a post-Christmas clearance find we used for Anna's birthday party one year. We usually keep them up through February. My favorite is the paper chain, although I'm pretty excited the Christmas cactus decided to bloom in December this year. The pinecone garland is the result of a beautiful pinecone wreath that completely fell apart in our basement this summer. Recycling at it's best.

So pretend I just invited you over for a hot cup of tea that you can set down on the dusty coffee table (even though I just dusted it). We'll plop down on the couch that's speckled with silver glitter from when I accidentally dropped the box of snowflakes. We can talk about anything and everything as the washer and dryer hum just feet away.

Welcome to my world!

 photo Christmasschoolroom2.jpg

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Okay, that's my wish list, not my to-do list! We still have a couple more days of school until Christmas break.

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Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour!


  1. I love the natural light and the cozy looking couch....looks like a great place to read!

  2. I love the decorations and your to-do list. :)