Friday, August 9, 2013

South Dakota: Part Two

I apologize in advance for the number of photos in this post. We crammed a lot into three days! After surviving the first night's storm we headed out to the main attraction, Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately, it was still a little cloudy, so visibility was a slight issue as you can see from this phone pic.

So we toured the museum for an hour or so, hoping the clouds would start to move out. Ahhh, progress!

 photo SouthDakota23.jpg

Then we hiked the Presidential Trail and by the end... spectacular! Of course, by that time the kids were too tired for a third attempt at a group photo, so it was just George, Tom, Teddy, and Abe.

 photo SouthDakota27.jpg

 photo SouthDakota28.jpg

 photo SouthDakota32.jpg

 photo SouthDakota33.jpg

My photography skills are not advanced enough to capture this view really well, but there is an artist's studio near the base of Mount Rushmore that houses the original model for the monument. It is beautiful how the sculpture and monument visible through the window stand side by side.

 photo SouthDakota26.jpg

After leaving the park, we caught a profile view of George from the road.

 photo SouthDakota34.jpg

Next up was some lunch back at the campground and then we spent the afternoon at Custer State Park.

 photo SouthDakota36.jpg

 photo SouthDakota37.jpg

 photo SouthDakota38.jpg

 photo SouthDakota39.jpg

 photo SouthDakota40.jpg

We drove the Wildlife Loop Road, hoping to see some buffalo. For the first 20 minutes all we saw was beautiful scenery and a prairie dog town. Prairie dogs are fun, but we were starting to lose hope that we'd see something new. And then we drove around one more bend and saw a bunch of cars parked to see a herd of burros. The burros are not native to the area, but are descendants of a herd that once transported tourists, so they are pretty friendly and people were petting them.

 photo SouthDakota41.jpg

 photo SouthDakota44.jpg

 photo SouthDakota47.jpg

 photo SouthDakota48.jpg

Another mile up the road, we saw a herd of pronghorns.

 photo SouthDakota49.jpg

 photo SouthDakota50.jpg

Just before we ended our loop we found the buffalo!

 photo SouthDakota51.jpg

 photo SouthDakota52.jpg

 photo SouthDakota53.jpg

Our last adventure for the day was driving up to the Mount Coolidge Lookout and Fire Tower. You drive up this narrow, winding road, praying you don't meet a car coming down and trying not to look at how steep the slopes are just inches outside your window. Mark joked that there was no need to worry because the trees would break our fall if we drove off the edge. Funny how the kids didn't find that very comforting. Once you get to the top, the view more than makes up the frightening trip up.

 photo SouthDakota55.jpg

But it's still a little nerve-racking to be up that high.

 photo SouthDakota56.jpg

 photo SouthDakota57.jpg

Then it's one more night at camp. Marc's roughing it with the iPad. ; )

 photo SouthDakota58.jpg

 photo SouthDakota59.jpg

The next morning, after surviving storm #2, we packed up camp and made a couple more touristy stops. Grace and I visited a local museum that was having a Carrie Ingalls Day. As an adult Carrie had been a reporter in the town of Keystone. It was a cute museum in a beautiful old school house built during the gold rush days. I accidentally left the camera in the car and Marc had taken the other two kids to wander about town, so no pictures of Carrie Ingalls Day.

Our last stop in the Black Hills was Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns. We drove down, down, down a steep, winding road just as terrifying as the road up to the fire tower the day before. The cave was hiding in a lush forest.

 photo SouthDakota60.jpg

 photo SouthDakota61.jpg

Inside the cave we had to walk down a million stairs, but once we got to the bottom it was amazing.

 photo SouthDakota62.jpg

 photo SouthDakota63.jpg

 photo SouthDakota64.jpg

 photo SouthDakota65.jpg

We thoroughly enjoyed the cave tour, but I will admit the caves I've seen in Missouri and Arkansas do have more variety in formations making them a little more interesting.

What goes down, unfortunately must go up and up and up...

 photo SouthDakota66.jpg

One more trip to Badlands National Park.

 photo SouthDakota67.jpg

I loved the contrast of the prairie against the formations, but what you can't see from here is that there are enormous canyons between the grass and the peaks. It's almost like God just pulled the peaks out of the ground, flipped them over and placed them next to the hole left in the ground.

 photo SouthDakota68.jpg

 photo SouthDakota69.jpg

Something I have not mentioned yet is that South Dakota is home to the famous annual Sturgis Motorcyle Rally. Our trip happened to be the week before Sturgis, but apparently people start showing up a week early and they stay a week after. I have never seen (or heard) so many motorcycles in my life. They truly own the state this time of year. Here's a large group we saw coming through the badlands. They just kept coming and coming...

 photo SouthDakota70.jpg

and coming...

 photo SouthDakota71.jpg

We ended our trip going back to the spot where the kids enjoyed climbing earlier in the week, but this time we hiked a beautiful trail. We were greeted by this little fellow.

 photo SouthDakota72.jpg

As I went through my photos I learned something about myself. Sometimes I'm a little too caught up in trying to capture the moment with my camera that I don't fully notice what my kids are doing.

 photo SouthDakota73.jpg

Ummm... where is this child's mother?!

 photo SouthDakota75.jpg

Moving on...

 photo SouthDakota76.jpg

 photo SouthDakota77.jpg

 photo SouthDakota78.jpg

 photo SouthDakota79.jpg

 photo SouthDakota80.jpg

 photo SouthDakota81.jpg

 photo SouthDakota82.jpg

 photo SouthDakota83.jpg

 photo SouthDakota84.jpg

 photo SouthDakota86.jpg

 photo SouthDakota87.jpg

 photo SouthDakota88.jpg

 photo SouthDakota92.jpg

 photo SouthDakota89.jpg

 photo SouthDakota90.jpg

 photo SouthDakota91.jpg

So long, South Dakota. We made some wonderful memories with you.


  1. I love all your pics from your SD trip! : )

  2. Love your pictures! Beautiful! That first one cracked me up. I'm glad the fog cleared.

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