Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Favorite SOTW Chapter

So much has happened lately, I don't even know where to start. We've had such highs and lows lately that I am emotionally and physically spent, but instead of going through all that right now I'm going to move on to some administrative business and then share one of my favorite things in all of homeschooling.

First, I really hope you're reading this in email or reader format, because I'm feeling a little naked right now. Apparently 4 years is a little long too hang onto a blog design. I have been planning to do a blog makeover for over two years, but it never makes it far enough up my to-do list. Until now, that is. My blog has been stripped of all it's loveliness because the person who designed my blog has closed down her account that hosted all my graphics and pictures. So pardon the mess and be patient with me as I figure out what to do. Or just subscribe. : )

Now for the good stuff! Today in our history studies we covered my favorite The Story of the World chapter. It is Chapter 26 in the second volume: France and England at War. Why is it my favorite? Because it's the perfect excuse to watch one of my favorite movies, Henry V. Kenneth Branaugh and that musical score? Sold! 

So to further indulge myself, I'll share the scenes I watched with the kids today, along with some passages from the chapter. Oh, bummer -- if you can't see the Youtube videos in whatever format you're reading this in, you'll have to click over to my poor, naked blog.

So Charles the VI sent a message back rejecting Henry's claims [to lands in France]. His son, the heir to the French throne, sent Henry a rude insult along with his father's message. He packaged up several tennis balls and told Henry, "You're just acting like a child. Stop running around threatening France, and go play some tennis instead to burn off all that extra energy."

Best comeback ever.

The French army cut off Henry's retreat and met his ragged band of soldiers at a field called Agincourt. Henry was outnumbered, but he had no choice. He had to fight, even though his soldiers were tired, cold, hungry afraid, and outnumbered.

Best motivational speech ever.

The Battle of Agincourt , which was fought in 1415, was a turning point in the Hundred Years' War. Henry went on to take control of a large part of France. And the French king, Charles VI, gave Henry his daughter, Katherine, as his wife.

Best response to this scene ever? My son, of course: "Why doesn't he just ask her to marry him?" :)

{I love history!}


  1. Oh, your poor blog. It makes me so sad because I've always loved the design and am one never to change anything. I hope you can get it resolved without too much of a headache.

    That's one of our favorite bits of history, too. I have truthfully never watched the movie, so I guess I know what we'll watch when we have our next movie night.

    Loved Ryne's comment. That was a nice giggle. :)

  2. when I read this on my phone, I thought you had lost all your links. When I came home and logged onto the computer and saw you still had the links, I was very relieved for you! : )
    ....I sure do miss SOTW!