Thursday, February 21, 2013

I guess . . .

You've probably heard the Midwest is getting hammered with snow today -- not quite like the storm that hit the east a few weeks ago, but still a good amount of snow. We had a good wave come through this morning, and we're supposed to get more tonight. I love it when we get snowed in and life stands still for a bit. I have a big case of the lazies going on today.

Anyway, I was talking to my sister on the phone today and also sent an email to my aunt and told them both it looked like we had about 4-5 inches out there. Then, talking with Marc, he says, "No way, we have about 8 inches." 

You know how they say opposites attract? I guess it's true, and this is one area where we are so different. I can't guess or estimate a measurement to save my life. 

I can't tell you how far away anything is, while Marc can say, "Oh, that's about 50 feet.

He'll describe one of Anna's track races as, "When she got to 600 meters . . ."  and it takes me several seconds to mentally compute, "Okay, a 400 is one lap around the track, the 200 starts over there, so that must be where he's talking about . . .

A couple of nights ago, he and Ryne weighed themselves, something they hadn't done any time recently. Marc predicted both their weights almost to the ounce. He can accurately guess how tall someone is. He can tell you without looking at a road sign or his iphone how many miles and how many hours it will take to drive somewhere hours away. 

I can't do any of that. I can't even make an educated guess. Oh, and those games where you have to guess how many gum balls are in a jar? My answers are never even in the ballpark. 

Isn't it funny how God makes us all so different?

How about you? Can you guesstimate? 

Can you tell I have a bad case of the lazies today? : )

P.S. Look at the cool patterns the snow made on our picnic table that we should have put away in October.


  1. Wow! That is some awesome snow. I will have to show this post to my boys because they have never seen snow like that. That would not give us a case of the lazies but send us Southerners into a stock-piling frenzy. :)
    I'm the one in our household with the spacial abilities. I won a guess how much candy is in the jar contest when I was in 8th grade and am the official navigator of the family. Michael cannot remember how to get anywhere except for church and work and back home again.
    However, I would never be able to work anything electronic if not for him. If it plugs in, I cannot figure it out, but he just seems to know what to do. He's fixed my new computer 4 times this week because I keep messing it up somehow. It is neat how God pairs us up like that.
    Oh, and this is kinda random, but I remember visiting relatives who lived where you do during Christmas vacation one year. We went downtown to look at the lights, and it was so cold that the moisture from our breath kept freezing to the inside of the windshield. My dad had to keep pulling over to scrape the ice off and throw it out the window. I determined then that I would always live in the South. :) I would love to have a nice snow day sometimes, though.

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  3. Yes, your hubby is very talented. I am so not gifted, either, with measurements. I believe that is why the Lord gave people knowledge to invent things like rulers and gps. : )
    Ernie and I were just talking about how we complement each other in our marriage (not compliment, Amelia Bedelia)... From diffusing each other when we get heated over issues, to simple things like how we clean. We trade off on the bathrooms each month, knowing that we each clean some things better than others. By trading, we know they will be thoroughly cleaned over some point in a two month span. So, this begs the question...when does one want to visit our house, after my cleaning or his? : )