Monday, April 2, 2012

God's Providential Care (1000 Gifts)

I originally wrote most of this post last Monday, but didn't get it finished until tonight.  So just pretend you're reading this a week ago. ; )


The act of thanksgiving makes us more aware of the providence of God. Every moment is full of His care, love, and guidance. Even so, there are moments when I'm just awed by His goodness and attention to the smallest of details. Yesterday was one of those days.

For many years now we've given a dear elderly lady a ride to church. The blessings this arrangement has provided our family are uncountable. My kids have grown up hearing the stories of her rich life, ninety-four years long, and witnessing her beautiful devotion to the Lord, even though she has experienced much suffering.

Yesterday Marc and I took separate cars to church -- Marc left early with Ryne and Grace, and Anna took the van. When I pulled up to this dear lady's house I was shocked to see her sitting in the front door. The storm door was closed, but the front door was open with her leaning against it. She actually looked quite peaceful, but I knew at once she must have fallen and wasn't able to get up. Anna and I ran to her and were able to help her to her feet. She wasn't seriously hurt other than some soreness, so we led her to a chair and made her comfortable. Her daughter lives with her, but had already left for her own church, so Anna and I stayed with her for the next few hours. We took turns reading from the psalms and 1 Peter 1 to her. We shared more stories. I was sad she had to miss church, but it was wonderful to spend that time with her too. When Anna and I left we gave her hugs, but she pulled us in closer and gave us sweet kisses.

Later in the day her daughter ended up taking her to the hospital because she was having swelling in her right leg. She didn't have to spend the night, and is doing well now, although the doctor did say she won't be able to leave the house anymore, even for church. Hopefully it's temporary until she gets some strength back.

In the meantime, I'm thanking God for every detail He so perfectly orchestrated, even the fact that I was running a couple minutes late.

195. She was feeling wonderful, so her fall took her completely by surprise. She fell just minutes before I arrived. If I had been on time we might have been outside when her legs collapsed and she could have been seriously injured. I always guide her with my arm and she uses a cane, but I'm still glad she fell in a contained area, on carpet, and was able to lean against the door. But, yes, I still wish I had been there.

196. She fell after she had unlocked the door. Things would have been much more complicated if she had fallen behind a locked door.

197. When my mom was sick with brain cancer, hospice nurses taught me how to properly lift an immobile person. I was soooo thankful for that knowledge yesterday!

198. And how glad I am that Marc was already at the church with the other two kids. Even though Anna was a little scared, she was mature enough to be of great help and comfort. I imagine it would have been stressful had the younger kids been with me.

199. Such a sweet time of fellowship.

200. The example of faith, perseverance, contentment and joy this lady has been for our whole church.

Times like that remind me to appreciate even more the everyday beauty, to search it out in the most unlikely places.  

201.  Such as the tulips that should never have bloomed, but popped up again (see above picture).

202.  The loveliest detail in a common weed -- one of many in our yard.


203.  The young artist who realizes even a broken picnic table makes a perfect canvas.


204.  Wild strawberry plants that are taking over a bare hill.  Marc tasted the berries last year and said they are awful, but they are pretty and I'm sure they are special treats for the many creatures that visit our yard.

205.  Mud -- the result of much needed rain.

I shake my head wondering how can I be only a couple hundred into my gratitude list when God has done so much.  Some can be blamed on blogging limitations, but I pray that I will increasingly look for ways to thank Him.  


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of a situation with my dear great grandmother. God orchestrated those events in a way that had us feeling much like you did with your friend. I feel sad that she will be homebound and will keep her in my prayers.