Monday, September 26, 2011

1000 Gifts


98. My favorite season.

Trees starting to turn color.

Sweeps of goldenrod and sunflowers lining the highways.

Brisk temperatures.

99. Traditions.

Celebrating my birthday by watching The Sound of Music.

All five of us singing along.

Laughing at the cheesy parts.

Declaring, "Oh, how clumsy of me - I meant to accuse you," one of the best movie lines ever.

100. Finished projects. And the promise of unfinished ones . . .

101. Christian friends God has provided my husband through work.

102. The opportunity to share an incredible evening with one of those friends and his wife.

Delicious dinner at a restaurant usually reserved for business meetings -- much better with your wives, yes?

Opening night at the symphony.

In a new performance center.


103. Grace dropping over 22 seconds on her 50 freestyle, and just how stinking cute she is while doing it. : )

104. My kids' rapt attention for a speaker at church.

105. God reviving me through a Bible passage at just the perfect time.


  1. Love them all (oh, how I can relate to #103 :) but I think I love #105 the most! His timing never ceases to amaze me!!

    Hope you have a tremendous week ahead-- happy schooling, and happy counting!

  2. Thanks for posting these graces- evidence of a full life. Blessings (I'm stopping by from Ann's today!)

  3. Me too concerning #98, only our temps aren't quite brisk, but still pleasant. #99 sounds like so much fun!

  4. what a fun list.
    such joy.
    happy birthday

  5. Love the tractor photo! Fall is also my favorite season. Love everything about it! Traditions are just a treasure! I love how HE speaks to us just when we need to hear something. Beautiful list of gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the sharing! I rally loved it, absolutely fabulous and funny list!

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  7. I love the pic...quite the irony as you are declaring thankfulness...a few men I know are "grrrrring" when they see that tractor...dead battery, won't start...couldn't get it out of there for the special weekend. : ) ~Melanie

  8. Oh, how funny, Melanie! I didn't even notice it until this weekend -- we've just been wondering when the other one was going to get moved! For anyone wondering what we're talking about, our church is surrounded by farmland and this tractor was parked out front.