Monday, November 1, 2010

eight 8 eight 8 eight 8 eight 8 eight

When I see Grace wear a hand-me-down outfit from Anna, I automatically compare how Grace is now to how Anna was back then. At eight Anna seemed so big and grown up. But eight on Grace still seems cute and little girlish. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. I'm not ready to have my little pumpkin grow up. I'm still trying to work up the courage to put away the board books she chewed on as a baby, while she's already abandoning the nice picture books for chapter books.

Okay, this started out as a sweet little happy birthday post, but I'm seriously getting too choked up to finish writing.

As I tucked her into bed tonight and we talked about what a wonderful birthday it had been, she suddenly gasped and said she left Bunny downstairs. She jumped out of bed to fetch her faded and worn best friend, while I just smiled. Maybe I do still have a little bit of time before she completely grows up. But I better treasure every moment, because she's not going to be eight forever.

Happy birthday, my sweet baby.


  1. Oh, it passes waaaaaay too quickly, Kellie... I agree 100% !!

    And happy birthday to your beautiful belle~ wishing her a year of wonders, joys, and delights!

  2. Sobbing with you. Brian turns 10 today! Mine are both double digits now.

    Happy belated birthday to Anna. She is a lovely little lady.

  3. they will always be our babies, no matter how much they grow up.