Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outdoor Hour Challenge Ebook with free gift - today's the last day!

Note: I wrote this post last week, but got distracted and then forgot to post it! So sorry!

Who would like to join me for some nature study this school year? If the idea sounds attractive, but overwhelming, let me share my secret: Barb at Handbook for Nature Study. Every week she has an Outdoor Hour Challenge that guides you in being a guide for your children. She provides the topic, a short reading assignment for mom (from Anna Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study which can be found free online), and finally ideas for your nature study. Then you're encouraged to blog about your outdoor hour (which can actually be as short as 15 minutes). To me, that's half the fun -- getting to see what everyone else did and sharing our own adventures.

Barb has put together an ebook with all the 2010 autumn challenges, complete with notebooking pages specific to each challenge. I purchased my copy yesterday last week and it looks wonderful. Plus, if you order by Tuesday, September 7, TODAY you will receive a free set of nature notebooking pages from NotebookingPages.com. I used their state pages last year and loved them, so I'm very excited about this free gift!

I'm not blogging about this for a give-away or any reason other than I just really like this resource and wanted you to know about a great deal. : )

Happy Homeschooling!

The pictures in this post were from a nature walk Grace and I took a year ago, but never made the blog. Grace was excited to show me a giant uprooted tree in our neighborhood.


  1. We also use all the challenges from Barb's site. Comes in very handy and leaves very little planning for me to do.

  2. Today is the 1st day I've been on the computer in a week, so I missed this. But I will check out that link to the Nature Handbook. Thanks!

  3. thanks for visiting the blog and the comment. I do the same thing- i have blogs I go to and just read the last few months worth at one time. thanks for the book recommendation. have to get an amazon order in. looking forward to catching up on your blog! used to do nature hour. have to start that again!