Monday, September 20, 2010

Give-away winners!

Okay, so that give-away wasn't very popular, but at least the odds of winning were pretty high! The winners are:

Homeschool Dawn


The McDonalds

With so few people entered, I felt so bad for the ones who didn't get picked. So I figured, I'll just give everyone a copy! So Melissa and Heather, you won't get the journal, but I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. And Sharon, I wish Amazon Prime would ship to you, but let me know if you can't find it in Australia. Maybe I can convince Marc we need to take a vacation like you did! : )

Everyone, email me your mailing address (Dawn and Ruthanne, I still have yours).


  1. well that was thoughtful and you certainly didn't have to do that. i'm used to not winning giveaways! thanks though!

  2. That is so nice of you, Kellie! I look forward to reading it. Thank you. :)