Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of my favorite things...

We found this place one morning last week on our Michigan vacation.

Normally we buy our berries from an organic farmer when we make our trip, but this year we were drawn to this little patch framed in goldenrod.

I think you should make a trip yourself. These berries should be ready now.

Don't worry -- we found plenty of ripe berries to pick.

In fact, we could have picked all day if it weren't for the mosquitos eating us alive.

I lost my lens cap under a bush somewhere, but it was worth it to capture the memory our little detour off the highway.

We brought home over 11 pounds of blueberry goodness. We've made blueberry pancakes and blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream is next. Of course, we ate one bag of berries just the way God made them.

So blue...

and lovin' it!

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  1. Oh how fun! Sounds like a delightful idea for activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, as well. :) Hmmmm, I'll have to dig out some maps. :)

  2. I think barns are so beautiful in their simplicity, and I love it as the hazy background with the berries in front. Just lovely!

  3. Ooh, blueberry cobbler w/ berries you picked yourselves... sounds wonderfully divine! Enjoy :)

  4. beautiful! I have some blueberry picking shots too. Aren't fresh ones from the bush the best?!

  5. Yummo! Can you send some of that cobbler to Ga?! :)

    Your pictures are gorgeous. I loved the beach picture from yesterday's post, too.

  6. You know, I have NEVER seen blueberries on their bushes. These photos are so cool!

  7. What a fun time! I think we missed our blueberry season. Bummer!