Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Student Photo Week

Sadly, we're not still swimming in that gorgeous blue water. Any guesses where we went? If you've been around this blog for a while, you might remember we take an annual trip to Michigan, and every year we take a picture of the kids at Lake Michigan.

After doing some blog hopping, it looks as though we're one of the few homeschools still on vacation. We did a lot of school over the summer, and a busy swim team schedule made August the best time for our trip. Now I need a couple of weeks to get my act together, so we will start August 30th.

For those of you visiting from the Not Back to School Blog Hop, let me introduce my students.

{Side Note: Technically Anna is not a homeschool student -- she goes to a Christian classical school three days a week and I get to sort of homeschool her the other two.}

Whether your school is in session or on vacation, Happy Homeschooling!

Not Back to School Blog Hop


  1. I wish we'd waited!! lol! the vacation looks amazing & the students look bright & ready for a wonderful school year.
    Be blessed! it will be here before you know it... :)

  2. Laura, you're too quick of a blog-reader! After I posted I discovered a spelling error in one of my photos and I was quickly trying to edit before someone saw it, lol! : )

  3. What a great looking class you have there! May you have a wonderful school year!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your school photos!! I thought we were the only homeschoolers still not back in session ... glad to meet a fellow homeschool family still on summer break.

    Enjoy your last bit of summer!


  5. We have not started yet and are still on vacation. I withdrew my 8 year old from public school in January and this will be the first year with my 10 year old. I tried to do some lessons over the summer but my oldest daughter needed to de-school so we waited. We are going to begin the day after Labor Day.

  6. We're still on vacation, too, Kellie-- and loving every second of it!! We're scheduled to start back up after Labor Day, but I have a feeling that this go round, we're gonna really EASE back into the groove as all of our brains are still completely in summer mode! But hey, that's the beauty of homeschooling, right?!

    Hope you have a glorious week ahead... and enjoy your last few weeks of summer :)

  7. Oh, this is lovely! We took a vacation to the beach this time of year for years! What sweet memories - when others are scurrying around starting school, we were playing in the sand. Looks like your crew enjoyed it.
    You have a lovely blog and such beautiful pictures.
    I always enjoy visiting here.
    Bless you!

  8. Gorgeous kids! We just started back and it is a little hard to get back in the 'groove'.
    It was nice to meet you and your kids. Looking forward to getting to know you better!
    Hope you have a great 2010-2011 school year!
    Homeschooling rocks!

  9. Found you on the blog hop and then read your sections on autism. I am always amazed at how similar my journey is to others'. I have 2 boys on the spectrum. Kindermusik was also one of my first experiences where I thought something was different. We got kicked out of it because my oldest was too "wild." I never had the Chicago-style school (that sounded wonderful), but coming to homeschooling has been a great choice for our whole family. Thanks for posting!