Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you, whoever you are...

Well, this was a bit of a surprise...

I was nominated for Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger! I did know that my cyber-friend, Dawn at Olive Plants, nominated me, but you have to be nominated three times to make the final list, and I didn't think that was likely to happen. But apparently at least three people were willing to say this about me:

A blogger you haven't met, but you think you would enjoy meeting and hanging out with. She is a person that you would love to co-op with or just live next door to. Who knows, maybe one day we will get together somewhere at a blog conference?

So, Dawn, thank you! You know, there just happens to be a house for sale down the street. I promise, the winters don't get that bad here. And the others who nominated me, whoever you are, thank you! How very exciting! And if you're just visiting, welcome!

Since learning about this nomination, I've had a few moments to ponder about the whole internet/friendship thing. Last night I drove across town to a dear friend's house. She and I actually met through the internet. She's a fellow Christian autism mom, and although I was not yet a homeschooler when we "met" we now have that in common as well. We didn't know a whole lot about each other at first, so it took several emails back and forth to really size each other up.

Blogging, however, has a way of making the whole sizing-up process a little easier. For instance, when I first discovered Dawn's blog through last year's blog awards, all I had to do was look at her sidebar and instantly I knew we had a lot in common. One of the first blogs I ever read regularly, Equip Academy, I found through a homeschool email group. Sharon, a mom whose posts I always found insightful, mentioned she had a blog, so I emailed her, asking if she would share her blog address with me. I love that about blogging! It's so much easier on the internet than in real life to find people that share similar values, interests and circumstances.

It can still be intimidating to leave that first comment on someone's blog. I always imagine the blogger having a puzzled expression as she looks at her comments. Who on earth is this person, and why is she talking to me? But then I think about how excited I get when someone new comments on my blog. Well, I wasn't so excited last week when "Anonymous" left a couple of comments on an old post with some icky-looking links, but that's another story.

So here I am, about 18 months into this blogging adventure, and I'm finding myself more and more often telling my husband, "My blog-friend said this," or "My blog friend did that." And he doesn't look at me anymore like I've lost my marbles when I talk about my blog buddies.

Now it's your turn. I'm curious.

Have you ever met any of your internet/blog friends in real life?

Do you talk about your blog buddies with real life people?

P.S. Voting for the Homeschool Blog Awards runs through midnight November 21, but I promise I will still be your friend even if you don't vote for me -- there are 29 other nominations in the Cyber-Buddy category!

P.P.S. If you need some help with the Best Encourager, Best Crafts, Plans & Projects, or Best Super-Homeschooler categories, I highly recommend Olive Plants.

P.P.P.S. Also, if you feel so inclined, I really think the Homeschool Blog Awards needs a separate category for bloggers who have special needs kids. I emailed them the suggestion last year, but maybe if several of us asked this year, we could have another avenue to make connections among the special needs homeschooling community.

Really, this is the end of the post now!


  1. Thank you, Kellie. I would love that house down the street. I imagine us having mansions near each other one day!
    My favorite part of blogging is finding people like me, too. I have a great church and circle of friends who are like me, but sometimes it still feels like we might be the only little group in the world that believes and lives a certain way. Blogging encourages me and reminds me that God is at work among His people and that the Gospel will prevail.

    And my husband knows you as argsmommy. I'm trying to get him to remember your real name. LOL!

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  4. Sorry for the deletes, I made a few boo-boos! :-) I just stumbled upon your blog, and it is lovely. I look forward to reading more and seeing what other homeschoolers are doing. We have recently been touched by Autism in our family. Thank you for sharing your life. Blessings!

  5. I actually struggle with this cyber stuff and the idea of "cyber buddies." I find I spend so much time reading blogs that I often wonder if I am missing out on opportunities to have relationships in the "real world." While I do think blogs can be valuable resources (especially for homeschoolers), I have to remind myself to quit reading about everyone else's lives and go enjoy my own!!

  6. My dh calls my bloggy friends my "imaginary" friends - lol! But I know better. I have learned as much about homeschooling and parenting from the like-minded people I have found in cyberspace at times as from other peeps in my life.
    And I think it really comes down to TIME! I don't have as much time to physically host or phonecall all kinds of people from church and elsewhere to look for supportive people dealing with the same life struggles and joys as I. But I DO have a minute here or there to get on my computer, any time of day, and develop connections there.
    Sometimes I wish that real life had a GOOGLE option for sorting out and bringing to you the people you most connect with - lol!

  7. Kellie,

    I just voted for you in the awards, so does that mean we get to meet when Jeff and I come to the US in April next year?

    In answer to your question, I only read less than 10 blogs regularly (or even sometimes-regularly). After an initial fascination, I realised that it was better for me to focus my attention and not worry that my blog isn't well known as a result (even though you know it).

    But of those I do read, I know personally three of the bloggers, and have close connections to another although we have not yet met (our husbands attended the same small theological college but in different years, so we are bound to meet eventually).

    Of the other as-yet-unmet bloggers, I have (amazingly) convinced my husband to take a holiday across the Pacific to meet my dear cyber-buddy Amy (Veritas at Home) and her family. My husband also knows exactly who I mean when I talk about what "Amy said" or "Amy wrote". He even responds to her emails on my behalf when she has a tough theological question or I am just too busy to get to the computer!

    I don't think it is all that different to the pen-pal friends of yesteryear. Except that, with the advent of email, facebook and Skype that are so much faster than paper letters, I have to be vigilant to ensure that my online friendships do not crowd out the space that I need to maintain and grow my in-the-flesh relationships; with my husband, my kids(!!), our extended family, my neighbours and the people in our church.

    Which is one reason why I will now say goodnight!

    ~ Sharon

    PS Congratulations!