Monday, June 22, 2009

Spring Reading Thing: Done!

Summer is officially here, so that means Spring Reading Thing is over. No, I didn't finish my list, but I did meet the challenge to read (and my blog has suffered accordingly)! My proposed list included just books on autism and Charlotte Mason homeschooling, because those were areas I really needed to focus on. Here's my original list with each book's current status:

Autism Books

The Fabric of Autism - completed!

The RDI Book - completed!

My Baby Can Dance - completed!

The RDI Program and Education - completed!

Charlotte Mason Books

Home Education in Modern English, Volume 1 - started

School Education in Modern English, Volume 3 - on the summer reading list

Towards a Philospohy of Education in Modern English, Volume 6 - keeping my book basket nice and full

The autism reading was so profitable, but also required much dedication to get through them all. By the time I completed that part of my list I needed a mental break. I just wasn't ready to dive into Charlotte Mason, even if it was the Modern English version. My first detour was a book on housekeeping since that is an area in which I really need help and want to focus on this summer. I was also craving reading to strengthen my soul, so I completed two books from my Fall Reading Challenge list. And then there was the reading I did with the kids. I've been trying to keep a book ahead of Anna in her Reformation reading, so I finished several of those. And I read two volumes of the Narnia series out loud to Ryne and Grace. So here are the additional books I read during the time frame of the Spring Reading Thing:

Sink Reflections

Knowing Scripture

A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael

Luther the Leader

Ink of His Fingers

The Beggar's Bible

My Escape from the Auto De Fe

The Horse and His Boy

The Magician's Nephew

So I may not have completed my list, but I was really blessed by everything I read and do not feel the least bit guilty about not getting to the Charlotte Mason books. I am still looking forward to spending time with Miss Mason this summer. I don't really have the time to review all the books I read, but feel free to ask me questions about any of the books. Thank you to Katrina at Callapidder Days for hosting Spring Reading Thing. Join me in the fall for her next challenge!


  1. Good job, Kellie! Looks like you got in plenty of reading, and it was profitable for you -- that's definitely a success.

    Thanks again for being part of the challenge!

  2. I'll have to bookmark and come back to read reviews because you have some interesting books. If you are still reading CSLewis - there's a Narnia challenge going on now.