Saturday, September 13, 2008

How's the weather?

How's this for irony? My dad is visiting this week. He lives south of Houston and not far from the coast. He had planned his visit weeks ago, which turned out to be good timing, because he would have had to evacuate this week anyway for Hurricane Ike. But instead of escaping to someplace with good weather, he has been welcomed with 48 hours of continuous rain. Yesterday he wanted to go with Anna to her swim practice, because he's a former swimmer and likes to watch her. I dropped them off in the rain (don't worry, it's an indoor pool) and headed home. About 45 minutes later the storm sirens started howling, and my dad called to say they pulled all the kids out of the pool because of a possible tornado. They were shuffling the kids into the basement of a nearby school. Marc and I turned on the news to hear the weather man naming the exact area Anna and Dad were at for having tornado-like conditions. Long story short, no tornado occurred, and we got them home safe. And Hurricane Ike made a slight turn north at the last minute that spared at least my dad's home from major damage. Whew! Hopefully we can turn off the weather channel for a while!

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