Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun Start to the Week

Gracie completed her Math U See Primer level today! She was so excited that she wanted to start Alpha today. I told her to hold off. I'd like to wait until next week to start, because we are going to have another short week this week.

In the afternoon we were able to take a quick break to watch some of the world's best cycling teams race near our neighborhood. It started raining while we waited in the car, so the kids prayed for God to hold the back the rain. I started explaining that God might have a reason for the rain, so don't be dissappointed if it doesn't stop, but before I could finish my sentence the rain stopped. Oh, what little faith I have! We listened to a section of Story of the World on CD until the police officer told us the cyclists were coming. I know next to nothing about cycling, but it was fun to watch. It literally takes seconds for them to pass. There were a few in the leaders pack and then the rest followed a minute or so later. After watching the video I realized the kids kept calling them bikers instead of cyclists! Maybe we should find a library book on cycling. : )

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