Friday, August 29, 2008


Although we've completed 5 weeks of the new school year, we have not had a full 5-day week yet, so art has been put on the back burner (along with a couple of other things). In history this week we studied China, Japan and Korea in the Middle Ages, so we did some origami. My sister gave us a cute kit that has pre-printed papers and instructions (but apparently is no longer made because I cannot find a link to the product), and it worked out pretty well. Some of the directions were a little confusing, but we had fun and everything turned out cute. We didn't have time to try the traditional crane, but we do want to try that with some other origami paper I have. You have to watch the video on this website of someone making a miniature crane! Here is how everything turned out:

The girls made ladybugs and butterflies, while Ryne made a ladybug and a frog. I mounted everything on some scrapbook paper I've had forever (I'm about a decade behind in my scrapbooking). They are hanging on a large bulletin board Marc made for us several years ago. Right now it looks very bare since this is our first project of the year, but perhaps in the future I'll show a picture of the full board. Ryne has a thing for red-eyed tree frogs, so he added some red eyes to his frog.

We are off to Denver this afternoon, but when we get back I'm doing a RDI blog-a-thon!

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