Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seasonal blogger

I seem to have become a seasonal blogger, as in I update this blog about once a season. In my last post I shared snowy scenery and the post before that summer flowers (we won't talk about fall right now; I barely survived that season!). So it is only appropriate that today I'm recycling an old post about spring tulips. I wrote this in 2010! It seems hard to believe this blog has been around that long (and longer). You'll have to come back tomorrow to find out why I'm recycling old material. And then we'll see if I can break that seasonal pattern. Happy spring!


With Dutch blood flowing through my veins, you'd think I'd have a garden full of tulips. Only in my dreams, sadly. But these two beauties? They have determination. I bought these bulbs over 10 years ago. The yard around my 1920 Dutch Colonial was going to have sweeps of spring color through it.

But I was so busy raising babies and and tip-toeing around a kitchen that was missing a floor (seriously! you could just look right down to the basement), that the bulbs never got planted. I read that they would keep in the refrigerator, so they found a home in the vegetable bin, next to the carrots and celery. For two years.

Then we moved to the Blue House. I almost tossed the tulip bulbs as I cleaned out the refrigerator, but I thought,

Oh, why not? You never know...

Even though I did nothing other than bury them in the dense clay that is supposed to pass for a yard, the next spring we did see green leaves. But no flowers.

Fast forward about six or seven years. One fine spring day, the babies who are no longer babies, come running in, saying,

Momma! Come see the tulip!

What tulip?

In the backyard!

You must be kidding.

But they weren't kidding. And this year we even have two tulips.


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  1. Beautiful!

    I'm not sure how my blogging could be described these days. I've been reading all my old posts that come up in time hop & your comments. I miss you, friend!