Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick Days and Snow Days (1000 Gifts)


Saturday afternoon we walked out of the aquatic center from an all-day swim meet, and I was spent.  My head was pounding and my legs were stiff because it was so warm in the bleachers and I'd pretty much sat on my bum all day.  But as we made the forty minute drive home, I realized my headache wasn't just from the swim meet -- I'd finally caught the cold that's been passed through our family one by one for the past couple of weeks.  It started with Marc, and he had the worst of it.  The kids mostly just got sick for a day or two and that was it.

After we got home and I had a short nap, I ran out for pizza carry-out.  I didn't even make the kids eat at the table.  They carried the food up to the school room (the only room where we have a television) and had a little party.  I took my pizza to bed and watched a movie and played some online sudoko.  The kids got themselves to bed at a reasonable time.

Sunday morning I still felt yucky.  I forgot to mention that during all of this, Marc was in Florida.  He was able to combine a business training trip with a visit to his mom, who spends the winter months down there.  My dilemma then was that I didn't feel up to going to church and didn't want to share my germs with anyone else, but there was no one else to take the kids to church.  So I printed off the bulletin from the church website and gave the instructions: No electronics until after 12:30 and spend time in the Word and in prayer.  Oh, and feed yourself.  And then I went back to bed.  For the entire day.

My kids were golden.  Grace took the church bulletin to her room and had a full service with her dolls and animals, complete with an offering and a sermon on Ephesians 4:11-16.  She even dressed in church clothes.  Anna and Ryne did an hour-plus devotion on Psalms, using some material from Anna's Old Testament class she took at school last year.  She said they did break the no electronics rule for a minute to look up the tune for a hymn they wanted to sing.

They fed themselves all three meals for the day and stayed out of trouble.  I'm giving them some grace by ignoring the state of the kitchen.  Actually some of that mess is still from Saturday morning when I was packing lunches for the swim meet.  They all went to bed at a reasonable time, even though excitement was brewing due to the weather forecast for Monday morning.

We've had very little winter-like weather at the Blue House.  The most snow we've had is a few dustings.  The sleds haven't left the garage.  So the prospect of a snow day was very exciting indeed.  

While I want the kids to have fun in the snow, I'm looking forward to a day with no activity.  No school for Anna (and probably very little homeschooling for the other two).  No carpools.  Our field trip was rescheduled.  We're not even supposed to get that much snow, 3 inches at the most, but I think the entire metro area was ready for an excuse to shut down for a day.


So today we'll put away the normal routine.  The kids will play.  I'll get rid of the last of this cold.  We'll sip hot cocoa and count our blessings.


160.  My heart melting as the kids recounted their morning of worship.

161.  Leftovers in the fridge so they could easily feed themselves.

162.  Sleeping off my cold.

163.  That our family hasn't had to suffer the flu going around -- we'll gladly take stuffy noses and sore throats any day.

164.  Being forced to slow down and rest.


165.  The first snow day of the year.  Perhaps it will be the only one we get this year, so we will enjoy every minute.

166.  The many large windows in our house, so I can see the beauty surrounding us and so I can take  these pictures from the warmth of my house still wearing pajamas. ; )

167.  Quiet.  No busses rolling down the street.  Even the birds are still snug in their nests.


168.  That Marc was able to do his training in Florida and sneak in some time with his Mom.  Yes, I'm thankful -- jealous, but still thankful. : )

169.  Finishing this wonderful book for our history studies.

170.  Starting this wonderful book for my personal reading time.

171.  Endless supply of drawing paper from the recycling bin at DH's office (because my three artists use a lot of paper).

172.  Grace finishing her math book and asking to start the next book that very day.

173.  Taking the dog for a car ride.  It takes so little to please him!

174.  Crossing off a big to-do-list-item last week:  tax returns.  


  1. There is nothing I like better than when the world stops and I can watch the pause from the windows! Glad your feeling better - and that you find more sweet blessings this week without a cold!

  2. Your kids are so sweet! I am so impressed that they kept the Lord's Day and that they allowed you to get the rest you needed. If I lived near you, I would take them out for ice cream. Although, with the snow, maybe they would rather have doughnuts. :)

    Continue to rest and get better. We've had colds too. I didn't slow down enough and mine has developed into mild pneumonia.

  3. So sweet...truly a gift to witness God's work in the hearts of our children. Hope you are feeling better. Caleb filled in for Gracie : )