Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On my brain . . .


1.  The last signs of fall.  I'll miss it.  We have had almost three months of perfect weather.  So perfect that I've taken it for granted.  I let busyness take over so that I didn't enjoy the season nearly as much as I should have.

2.  I'm experiencing post-Harry Potter let down. I've been steadily working my way through the series since summer and just finished Book 7 Saturday night.  I never expected I'd enjoy them that much.  Now I'm struggling with a strong desire to read, yet there's nothing I want to read.  Suggestions to get me over the hump?

3.  I'm also working my way through the Harry Potter movies.  They're okay, but mostly I'm bored with them since so much had to be cut from the books.

4.  My dear bloggy friend, Dawn, nominated me for Best Encourager in the Homeschool Blog Awards (thank you, Dawn!).  Although I love blogging, I'm not very consistent with it.  I also have lots of room for improvement when it comes to being an encourager.  But I can get pretty real with my faults and weaknesses on this blog, and I'm not above poking fun at myself.  So perhaps it's encouraging just to know that I'm not a supermom, but just someone like you -- clinging to God's grace as I homeschool my kids and figure out what to make for dinner.  Welcome to those of you who are visiting from the blog awards.

5.  I've rediscovered some long-forgotten muscles, and they hurt!  Last night was bring-your-parent-to-ballet-class night.  This is one of Grace's favorite annual events, so I will continue to attend until she finally realizes how bad I am at ballet and is too embarrassed to have her mom there (probably in another four years when she's thirteen).  Every year I'm amazed at how hard those little ballerinas work.  The worst part, however, was that I forgot it was parent participation night and had not dressed as I would have had I remembered, so I was embarrassed that everyone got to see the dirty bottoms of my socks!  I love that my hardwood floors hide dirt very well, but my socks reveal the truth.

6.  It's official -- my thirteen-year-old is waaaayyyy smarter than me.  When she asks me a question related to her school work, my usual response is, "Uhhhh . . .  I don't know."  If she weren't so stinkin' busy with school and sports, I'd hire her to teach Ryne and Grace Latin, because she's a pro now.  And I've decided it's a terrible idea to teach logic to a teenager; she is now pointing out fallacies in my arguments.  My only redeeming grace is that I still remember a fair amount of algebra (nobody is more shocked at this than I), and I kept my college textbook on sentence diagramming, which has come in handy lately.

I'm going to shock you tomorrow by actually blogging two days in a row!  I have a Christmas planning printable to share with you -- a simple way to get the whole family involved and direct our focus toward Christ in this busy season.  So be sure to stop by tomorrow.


  1. My daughter reads the HP books over and over and over again. We're always trying to find something new that she likes. We give 4 thumbs up (mine and hers) to the series "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flammel." The first book is called "The Alchemist." They are by Michael Scott.

  2. Having trouble as I clicked in...hope...you...get...this....

    You are very welcome! You one of my fave spots in the blogosphere.

    I am completely with you on the logic thing. Having similar issues at my house. Not sure if I should rejoice or cry.

    So much more I could say, but my words are being rearranged as I type, and I keep having to go back and fix stuff. Hope this comes to you readable and not in some weird, blogger-code language! :)

  3. I finally had time to read this post. It's funny that I'm just now starting in on Harry Potter myself. I abstained from Harry Potter all these years, but Sharon (of Equip Academy) got me rethinking my position.

    I've barely begun but I see why Potter fans love the books!


  4. Amy, I was nervous about HP too for a time, until I read Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt, and then saw her opinion shared by other Christians I respect. But none of my kids were interested in HP until last year. Anna read the series on her own, and Marc read the first three books to Ryne and Grace. I started feeling left out every time they all talked about the books, plus we weren't sure if Ryne and Grace were ready for book 4, so I started reading the series. We have decided to wait on Book 4 for a little while since the material starts becoming more mature. But overall I think it is a wonderful series.

    Laura, thanks for the suggestion -- I will look into that series.

    And Dawn, we need to do something about your problems with Blogger! It's ridiculous what you're having to put up with!