Monday, June 27, 2011

1000 Gifts

Sun-filled days bring so many blessings. I'm slow in counting God's gifts for this gratitude journal, but I do find myself taking more time to thank Him for the little ways He makes my life richer each day -- seeing a goldfinch fly past my car, new haircuts on dad and son (how handsome they look!), Marc showing me the nighttime forest lit up with fireflies . . .

A few of my latest numbered blessings are more than a month old, but I'm still thankful.


64. Ignoring a Saturday to-do list to work on a puzzle with Grace. And even when she abandoned me for some other pursuit, it was still good to stop being busy-mom for a few hours and just play.

65. By Sunday Marc was in on the action and we finally finished the 999 piece puzzle (turns out one piece was missing).

66. Spotting a large turtle on the side of the road and taking the time to turn the car around to check him out.

67. The season's first fruit from our humble strawberry patch.

68. Vidalia onions. Even better, sliced Vidalia onions sauteed in a pat of butter. {Mmmmm}


69. A bucketful of water balloons.

70. The ensuing war.


71. An impromptu photo shoot in a wheat field behind our church. Grace and I were driving home from ballet rehearsal, and we noticed the setting sun gave the field such a beautiful golden color. Glad I had my camera with me, we stopped and took in the colors.


72. Ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty.

73. A sweet friendship between two Renaissance Lasses, complete with hugs and giggles.

74. Being able to share the special night with family. The grandparents and an aunt all traveled here to see Grace perform.


75. An evening of baby bliss. Friday night we got to babysit the newest member of our church while his parents celebrated their anniversary. I stopped being selfish just long enough to let Marc hold him for a few minutes, but this cuddlebug was mostly mine for three wonderful hours. {sigh}

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  1. I love the wheat field...the colors are amazing, and changing each week. I also enjoy rubbing the heads in my hand, blowing the chaff, and eating the berries. I showed this to my kids and recited Psalm 1:4 the ungodly are not so bur are like the chaff which the wind drives away.
    oh, and nc....such a doll. I'm jealous...three hours! :)

  2. I'm having comment problems again, so if I don't comment here, it's bc of that.

    I love the pictures. You are really talented! One day, when we finally meet irl, you can teach me how to make collages. :)

    I think Grace is such a beauty. You should frame her ballet photo. Lovely.

  3. You really do have amazing photos.

    I just tagged you in a "Five Books that Changed Who I Am" meme. I'd love to read your list if you have time.