Thursday, March 31, 2011

one of those bread making moments

On my blogging agenda has been a post about my one year anniversary of making my own bread. I'm not a natural baker, so it's been quite an accomplishment for me to get this far.

But then there was yesterday.


Oh, baby.


The dough kind of blends in with the counter, so it's hard for you to see the lake of goop behind the mixer.


It's also hard to see the millions of splatters across half my kitchen cabinets. The broom? I had it there to sweep up some spilled flour. I thought I'd leave it there, just in case. Bad mistake.

And me? You don't want to go there. My shirt was soaked in goop. I've washed my clothes twice in the washing machine and still can't get the stuff off.


Although I had some help, it took two and a half hours to clean up the mess. I had to use a toothbrush to clean the tile and little spots.


And then I still had to make bread.

Made me think of this song.

In the middle of my little mess
I forget how big I'm blessed
Don't worry, my bread making days are not over. But I think I'll skip the anniversary post, telling you how much I've improved. : )


  1. OH KELLIE!!!! I can relate somewhat. Once, after opening a can of pop, it sprayed EVERYWHERE in my kitchen. All over the floor, counter, cupboards. It was a huge mess to clean up. Sounds like you had a pretty good attitude about the whole thing!

  2. I love that song!

    I'm not laughing. I'm too good of a friend for that! ;)

    You do have a good attitude and maybe one day you can teach me how to make bread. I'm sure you're great at it after a year. I imagine even Bobby Flay makes a big mess from time to time!

  3. I love that song. Luke forgot his coat one day and we had to go all the way back home. I was livid, and let him have it verbally... Then this song came on. I was humbled and said sorry and then thought of all my blessings.
    I'm looking at your pictures...I would have cried if that were me. Love the clean up help from your dog. Can you laugh about it yet? : )

  4. Oh no!!! I feel your pain. :) Can you tell I've had a similar accident - a few times ...
    You're such a good 'sport' about it.
    Better luck next time.

  5. i giggled a little. it looks so familiar.