Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excuses, excuses

Oh dear. Where does the time go? I seem to find less and less time (and energy) to sit down and blog these days. And I don't even have a good excuse anymore.

Unless your count being traumatized by the departure of my oldest child.

photo credit Andrei Dimofte

Anna's birthday present from Grandma was a plane ticket to visit her in Florida. Anna flew by herself and will be gone a whole week! Thank you, Grandma, for taking good care of her and spoiling her rotten, but I'm ready to have my little girl back. It's just not the same without her.


Or maybe I was too busy playing dental assistant.

The teeth were wiggly but not ready to come out, that is until Ryne and Grace got in an argument over the laptop. They each started tugging on it (yes, we had a talk about that), then Ryne decided it wasn't worth breaking the laptop to get a turn, so he let go. Bam! One tooth pops out. The other followed a couple of days later. Are your kids that naughty?!


No, wait! I know why I haven't been blogging. I've been planning for our next homeschool year! I had a used curriculum sale coming up and next month is convention time so I had to figure out what I needed to buy. And here's the really cool part: I emailed a bloggy friend to find out how she liked Exploring Countries and Cultures by My Father's World, and the next thing I knew I found a huge package on my front porch.

I practically squealed with delight! {Okay, I did squeal. I think the neighbors even heard me.}

Dear bloggy-friend (you know who you are),
I cannot thank you enough for loaning me all these fabulous books. You are amazing!!!

Can I just ditch the rest of this school year, and get started on the next? {Kidding, school is actually going pretty well this year.}


Perhaps (have I ever told you perhaps is Ryne's favorite word?), I was just too busy baking my own bread for the first time ever.

Nevermind that I've been wanting to do this for the last three years, but have been too chicken. I finally made my first loaf of bread and it wasn't half bad. Actually, I did make my own gluten-casein-soy-egg-free bread once upon a time, but the only person who would touch it was Ryne, so that doesn't count. He'd eat cardboard if it was shaped like a piece of bread. And that's what it tasted like. But this bread was not hard to make and tasted pretty good. I still have lots of room for improvement, but it's a start. I used this book, written by a homeschool mom, if you're interested. I've been to one of her classes and her bread tastes wonderful, so I know I'm on the right track -- just need some more practice.


It hasn't helped that I've been watching waaaaayyyy too much college basketball lately. Ask me to say three intelligent things about basketball and I'd have trouble, but I do know that until this week it had been 60 years since my Baylor Bears have won in the NCAA tournament. But now they are among the sweet sixteen! Sic 'em Bears!!!!

cell phone pic of Ryne at the Big 12 tournament last week


Okay, the real reason I haven't been blogging is just that I've been in a winter slump. So I figured things should get better today since it's the official first day of spring. It is March 20th, right? I wasn't so sure, because this was on my window this morning.

And this was the scene outside.

We've had about six inches so far, but it seems to be tapering off. Yesterday, we had a high of 62 degrees, and today it's winter again. I love winter, but I think it just makes me sleepy.

So if you don't see me again for a little while, I'm still hibernating.

P.S. For some real spring fun, you might want to visit my post from last year.


  1. I love winter, we don't have much in Louisiana. I love watching the snow on branches, and seeing cardinals just like this one poke out from the white.

  2. Also, was the bread book you mentioned the 'Artisan in 5 minutes book'? we've been a little under the weather around here, so I haven't had time to make my loaf or even go and get some whole wheat flour. But this version sounds great. I'm laughing about the bread shaped cardboard. We have a high tolerance around here too. ha- have a wonderfully blessed weekend- Laura

  3. Yes, my children are that naughty.

    How fun for Anna, but I imagine that was hard for you.

    What a fabulous friend! I am drooling over that collection. I feel the same way about what I've chosen for next year. I'm ready to start and so over this year.

    I am amazed by the snow. I have decided I must take my kids north of GA one winter so they can know what a real snow is like.

    I will root for Baylor now since Memphis isn't in it.

    Have fun hibernating!

  4. What an awesome bloggy friend you have . . . . ;D

    Your bread looks gorgeous.

  5. Laura, the book is titled No More Bricks! and can be found on Amazon. She has a helpful website too, but it looks like she just redid it this weekend and I can't seem to access any of the information anymore, lol.

  6. Kellie- thanks! I am sooo slow sometimes, it's been a hectic morning. found it. Looks good, how funny, no more bricks!
    heard Georgia has flurries, happy spring right?
    bird & snow pictures are intoxicating-
    Have a week blessed with goodness from this spring season- Laura

  7. What a great friend to send you the entire set up. Don't you just love planning for the new year.

  8. What a great friend to send you the entire set up. Don't you just love planning for the new year.

  9. Snow and icicles! When we leave Perth, we will be leaving the shorts and tshirts behind as well. The Navajo National monument is only going to be open for the first time after winter the weekend we are there... God willing! I'm looking forward to seeing your cold part of the world!