Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Desk(s)

Andrea at Heritage Academy had a cute post showing her not-so-organized desk space, laughing about some of the random items found there. She encouraged her readers to post their own pictures so we could laugh together. I think I've been pretty "real" on this blog, so hopefully I won't be disappointing anyone in revealing just how imperfect I am!

My desk has actually multiplied over the last several months. When I got my new laptop in August, I moved my workstation over to the nearby craft table because we still had the desktop on the desk. The desktop is all but dead, just waiting for me to transfer some files. Meanwhile, Grandma (Marc's mom) and Grandpa (my dad) got the kids a new laptop for Christmas, so until I get rid of the desktop I've set up a card table for the kids to use for their computer. Got that? So... triple the desk space and triple the clutter!

Here's a quick tour:

1. That clock still hasn't been changed from daylight savings last fall. If I get up there to change it though, I won't be able to ignore all the dust, printer paper, Webkinz codes, and the baton I have stashed up there.

2. That's the all-but-dead computer that needs to find a new home. Think of all the space I will be able to fill once it's gone!

3. No, it's not a dead animal. Just the cattails from our nature study a few weeks ago.

4. My workspace. Some of the random objects you'll find here: my old cell phone, my mother-in-law's earring that I still need to get in the mail, neat-looking software handed down from my sister-in-law that I can't get to work on either of our new computers, a stack of water colors Grace painted, the basement plans I still haven't blogged about, a Little House on the Prairie book I mentioned in my last post because I wanted to make sure I was right about that reference, and a very sharp piece of wood that broke off our Math U See block holder.

5. The card table/temporary workspace for the kids. The stack of children's choir music from the Christmas program is sitting there. It had been sitting on the desk, but I finally decided it was time to put the music away. I must have got distracted. {sigh} And even I can't explain why there's a toddler beach hat sitting on the table. I'm a little embarrassed about all the library books under the table. I actually have a great system for storing library books, but these are special books for our Around the World fair next week that wouldn't fit in our normal library book spot. What better place than the floor?

6. Ah yes, I have such a great system for filing our completed lesson plans -- that's the one from two weeks ago on top of the Handbook for Nature Study, under the table, next to the Sunday School posters Grace brought home this week that I have no idea where to put.

7. Anna's workspace. As you can tell, I am training her well.


  1. Given that you have a remodeling project underway, are homeschooling, and are involved in so much more, like the Around the World fair, I would say your space looks pretty good! :) If I get a chance today or tomorrow, I will do one of these posts, too.

  2. Oh my gosh this is so funny! I initially thought "What kind of nice looking desk is she gonna try to say is messy cuz that looks pretty good so far!"..... and then I scrolled down to view the rest of the photo - lol!

    I especially love the "temporary" workspace table for the kids. Goodness forbid that I EVER set up a "temporary" table! And I seriously thought that I was the only one that left hard to reach clocks alone all.year.long.

    THX for sharing so that I know I'm not the only one in "The Overwhelm" sometimes! :-)

  3. i love your post! its great to know that i am not alone in this world, thanks for your transparency!

    Andrea, you know from babysitting my kids that our clocks are NEVER right!

  4. lol...i don't have a remodeling excuse..but mine looks basically like this!

  5. Ha hahaha hahahaha ha! I love that picture. I *made* myself clean up our school room yesterday morning. It had gotten so out of control that we hadn't done school up there for about 3 weeks. I just kept bringing stuff down to the kitchen.

  6. This is very funny Kellie! I am not sure I have the guts to show my workspace... and that's since we "titied up" when we moved out three bookshelves a few weeks back.