Thursday, October 8, 2009

What happened?!

Sorry! I promised you an update on Ryne's big weekend and then...


It's all Marc's fault. Kidding, sort of. It all started with us just wanting to save a few bucks. We both knew that the cable bill was an easy place to start. We get our internet and phone through the cable company too, so it is quite a hefty bill. So Marc headed over to visit with the cable people on Monday and was helped by the best customer service person ever (yes, at a cable company of all places!). The guy helped us slash $50 off our monthly bill. The part our kids are not happy about is that we switched from standard cable to basic cable. So gone are the days of Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. We should have done it years ago.

The cable guy also told us that we really should buy our own router because it will be cheaper than renting from them, and it will work better. Sounds great, in theory. Except that we CANNOT figure out how to get the dumb thing to work. We turned in the old router, so my laptop won't work until we have the new one running. But somehow we managed to goof everything up, so even the desktop won't get an internet connection.

I've spent hours trying to figure it out with no success. Today I decided I would get the thing to work, even if I had to spend the entire afternoon calling the Netgear help line. But then I discovered a new problem... we don't have a cable connection at all. Apparently, when the service guy came out yesterday to switch us from standard to basic, he disabled the whole thing. So now we have no internet, no cable TV, and no phone. And therefore, no blogging.

Now that I've gone into way too much detail on my cable woes, here is the Ryno update many of you requested: HE DID GREAT!!! It was a little hard to get a lot of details out of him, but he did share something incredible. They visited a space museum near Wichita, Kansas and apparently there was a movie or presentation that talked about the universe being billions of years old and that it was started by an explosion. He said he got into a conversation with, I think, an older scout about how it couldn't possibly be billions of years old because God created the world, only thousands of years old. It sounds like this older kid told him that was scientifically impossible, but Ryne argued otherwise. At the Den meeting this week, the leader made a special point in the parents' meeting to say that Ryne did great, and a couple of the dads that were there said he had some of the best questions out of the whole group. That is what we always struggle with on outings like that -- making sure his questions and comments are on topic.

So THANK YOU for your prayers. It was so hard being away from him, even for a short time, but it is clear that it was a good thing.

I'm at the library typing this because they have free Wi-Fi, and I have five minutes before they close, so this post is done. I'm sure it is full of typos, so please forgive me. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Edited to add: I can still get a signal out in the parking lot! I'm glad too, because there were some pretty significant errors in this post. I usually have to make about four sets of corrections on everything I write on this blog. Am I the only one who can't catch these things before I hit publish?


  1. So glad for Ryne! That's fabulous.
    You are not alone on the typos. I'm always catching my mistakes after the fact. I feel sorry for my subscribers. They must get 20 emails per post!

  2. Yay for Ryne! You handled it great, Mom ;) You should be so proud of him!

  3. Hurray Ryne! Great job too Mom! Nah, you're not the only one with the typos. :)

  4. Phew - what a relief, huh?? So glad to hear of a good outcome and that the foundation of truth you have been giving him comes through in his conversations! It will get harder as they get older but God will help us guide, as well as let go, of our kids as they grow.
    So proud of you girl!